The Essential Man’s Guide To Proposing

The thought of proposing can turn the manliest of mans into a blubbering bundle of nerves. But, with this guide, you’ll find proposing a lot easier!

Timing Is Crucial

Many guys wonder how long you need to wait before you propose. Some think that proposing too early can scare a girl off. Others worry that waiting too long will send negative signals, and your girlfriend will leave you. In truth, there is no particular time when you should propose. As the old saying goes; when you know, you know! You should be able to feel when the time is right within your relationship. Often, couples will talk about marriage, and this can help you get a better idea of where your relationship is at. Also, you need to take a look at your life in general. Does it make sense for you to get married now? My advice is to propose when the two of you have your life on track and are in good places. I’d wait until you’re both finished with academic studies and have full-time jobs. This way, you’ll be in a more comfortable place, and are better equipped to get married.



The Ring Is Everything

Don’t underestimate the importance of an engagement ring! Remember, this is something that your wife can wear for the rest of her life. It’s symbolic, so you need to take great care when searching for one. Obviously, you’re going to want a ring with diamonds in it. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There are things like Tacori rings that have diamonds encrusted all over the ring. Or, you can get a more traditional ring that has just one big diamond on it. The choice is up to you, but you better make sure you make the right one. If I were you, I’d pay close attention to what your girlfriend says. She may be hinting that she likes a certain ring, so keep your wits about you. My top tip is to go out shopping with her and casually walk by some jewellery stores. No doubt she’ll have a look and point out some rings she loves. Little does she know that you’ve planned this to find the perfect engagement ring for her!

Make It The Perfect Moment

A proposal is a very big part of someone’s life. If things go well, then you and your partner should remember it forever. They key creating the perfect moment. You need to have everything planned out beforehand. Take your girlfriend out for a lovely dinner, and ensure she doesn’t suspect a thing. Surprise proposals are great; they make things that little bit more special. Go for dinner and then pop the question after dessert, in front of the other diners. It’s a bold statement, and she’ll love that you weren’t afraid to express your feelings in front of everyone. But, if your girlfriend is shy, then she might not want the attention. So, a romantic walk is the perfect place to propose after dinner. Walk someone nice, with a lovely view or sentimental value to the two of you.


Follow these three tips and your proposal will run smoothly. Remember, preparation is key! Soon, you’ll be engaged and ready for a fun life together.


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