Make The Most Of These Accessories



Fashion trends come and go. Just take a look at facial hair for example. The well-groomed beard is riding high but who knows? A few years from now it just might be all over. This year’s skinny and tight in the menswear department becomes next year’s big and baggy and so it goes. The one thing that never changes is the need for classy accessories that will boost any look. The best of these survive all fashion trends. They become part of every well-groomed male’s wardrobe. They make any outfit look better and the more you have of them the more stylish choices you will have. See how many you can tick off.






Once the quintessential part of any three-piece suit, the waistcoat has always had a mind of its own. There is something about a classic waistcoat that draws the eye in. No matter what your figure is doing right now, the waistcoat seems to have the ability to trim it and slim it. There aren’t too many waistcoat howlers, though the t- underneath can look a little tired and lazy. The three piece suit is a matter of taste. But a waistcoat in a subtle complementary material adds a nice sense of style to many outfits and combinations. Large swirly pink patterns might look a little like you got lost on your way the wedding party. But a classic waistcoat buttoned or unbuttoned is definitely a must have style accessory for any male wardrobe.



It’s back and better than ever. Most guys know a good watch never really went away. It’s gone through a heap of changes in style, but the classics endure. The watch and strap lend a real sense of style to any look you want to create. Wearing a classy timepiece lift’s your style and draws the eyes. Bling is out, but understated elegance will do it every time. Of course, you are not going to be content with only one. Some days you’ll want to be all outdoors and rugged and then some evenings a little more svelte style is required. A watch winder is the best place to store and keep your watches. Top watch winder brands are becoming a must have accessory in their own right.




With the possible exception of the Fez, the hat is riding high and making a comeback. For decades, no man would ever be seen without one. Check out any crowd photos from the first half of the twentieth century. Even the straw boater got a look in. Once your choice of hat firmly placed you in your class and status. Think flat cap and bowlers. Today the hat just shouts style, from a svelte fedora to a good old-fashioned cap. The hat and all the headgear from berets to beanies is definitely up top and keeping us warm and rather cool. Display the ones that are not on your head, on a coat or hat rack. Having a hat for every occasion makes you look sharp and stylish. Just check you hair when you take them off. But then you probably already own a mirror, right?


The All Gold Steel Slow Jo – 24

The All Gold Steel Slow Jo – 24

The concept behind Slow watches promotes a very interesting life concept: enjoying the many moments of life rather than counting every minute. This desire to enjoy life without seemingly running on a hamster wheel has brought Slow Jo to the place it is today.

The sweet vintage feel mixed with the sophistication of Slow’s timepieces makes them incredibly desirable. The perfect symmetry of the innovative construction and the raised extra hard glass are just some of the features on this watch. What’s unique about this watch is instead of showing the traditional 12 hours, Slow Jo watches show a full 24 hours which makes you visualise time in a more natural way. The best part is that they understand that simplicity and high quality should not cost a fortune. In fact, all Slow watches are made in their Switzerland factory and shipped directly to the you. By cutting out the middleman, they’ve cut down the price for you.


Today, we’re featuring the All Gold Steel Slow Jo watch from their Slow Jo collection – there is also a second collection – Slow Mo, for smaller wrists. This timepiece is perfect for starting conversation and making a statement, especially during the festive party season! Made with 38mm gold stainless steel case with yellow gold metal band, this watch means business! If you want a swiss made watch, this one is a great place to start at only £230.

IMG_0334 IMG_0333

What are your thoughts on this watch? We LOVE it, that’s for sure. Check out the full range here, which include a range of Nylon, leather, metal and canvas straps.

Apple Watch – 2015 Release

Apple Watch – 2015 Release

The launch of the long awaited Apple watch is nearing closer, as the anticipated launch date of early 2015 approaches.

Apple will be releasing six models. Each has a watch case created from 18-karat gold, protected by sapphire stone. These types of watches are not new, and many brands have already delved into the market, but the majority are bulky and ugly.

elegant-iwatch-from-apple-27-smart-watch Apple-Watch-Edition 1410401880895

It looks like Apple have taken their time, and for good reason, the sleek and beautiful design is sure to grab the attention of both the fashion & tech industries, with both hands.

However, let’s not forget that this is still essentially a nano iPod with a fashionable strap, and like the iPod Nano these will be outdated with the release of new models. At an estimated price of around £350, this seems like a great product, at a reasonable price point. Although, this isn’t your typical watch, that will last a life-time – like all tech it will need updating every 12-24 months, meaning you won’t just be upgrading your iPhone every 12 months.

But, do we care? Absolutely not!

A casual watch that ticks all the boxes…

Timex Weekender | A Review

There’s a sort of appreciation for a solid and reliable watch. It has to look and feel classy while also maintaining it’s basic function as a watch. Timex is the number one watch selling company in many countries around the world. Innovative and dynamic, Timex have been improving and creating watches for a wide variety of consumers from the outdoor and sports-minded to the stylish and fashion-minded.

image4 image3

This ‘Weekender Watch‘ by Timex is reminiscent of a simpler time in early childhood that maintains a distinct classic quality. The clear, sharp dial is legible, making this affordable watch a winner in the basic function category. For an added bonus, this watch is very lightweight and easy-wearing. The polished chrome detailing gives it an edge of sophistication.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 14.09.26 image2

The fact that you can buy additional changeable wristbands is what really sets this watch apart from others. Plus, selecting the different wristbands allows you to ensure you have one watch for all occasions and outfits! Just slip this watch on and go! Here’s a video to show just how easily these can be changed:

Overall, this is a very comfortable and affordable timepiece (just £49.99) that will make an excellent addition to any collection. The classic quality and feel of this watch means it will stay in style for any man, while still maintaining it’s fun and unique individuality.

We recommend that you check out the Timex Weekender range here!


Guess Men’s Rigor watch

Men's Rigor Watch

This watch caught our eye when first released, earlier this year. The rose gold compliments the blue strap perfectly. This watch adds class and style to your accessory collection, without breaking the bank.

It’s an absolute steal for just £113.05 at Nigel O’hara.