Make The Most Of These Accessories



Fashion trends come and go. Just take a look at facial hair for example. The well-groomed beard is riding high but who knows? A few years from now it just might be all over. This year’s skinny and tight in the menswear department becomes next year’s big and baggy and so it goes. The one thing that never changes is the need for classy accessories that will boost any look. The best of these survive all fashion trends. They become part of every well-groomed male’s wardrobe. They make any outfit look better and the more you have of them the more stylish choices you will have. See how many you can tick off.






Once the quintessential part of any three-piece suit, the waistcoat has always had a mind of its own. There is something about a classic waistcoat that draws the eye in. No matter what your figure is doing right now, the waistcoat seems to have the ability to trim it and slim it. There aren’t too many waistcoat howlers, though the t- underneath can look a little tired and lazy. The three piece suit is a matter of taste. But a waistcoat in a subtle complementary material adds a nice sense of style to many outfits and combinations. Large swirly pink patterns might look a little like you got lost on your way the wedding party. But a classic waistcoat buttoned or unbuttoned is definitely a must have style accessory for any male wardrobe.



It’s back and better than ever. Most guys know a good watch never really went away. It’s gone through a heap of changes in style, but the classics endure. The watch and strap lend a real sense of style to any look you want to create. Wearing a classy timepiece lift’s your style and draws the eyes. Bling is out, but understated elegance will do it every time. Of course, you are not going to be content with only one. Some days you’ll want to be all outdoors and rugged and then some evenings a little more svelte style is required. A watch winder is the best place to store and keep your watches. Top watch winder brands are becoming a must have accessory in their own right.




With the possible exception of the Fez, the hat is riding high and making a comeback. For decades, no man would ever be seen without one. Check out any crowd photos from the first half of the twentieth century. Even the straw boater got a look in. Once your choice of hat firmly placed you in your class and status. Think flat cap and bowlers. Today the hat just shouts style, from a svelte fedora to a good old-fashioned cap. The hat and all the headgear from berets to beanies is definitely up top and keeping us warm and rather cool. Display the ones that are not on your head, on a coat or hat rack. Having a hat for every occasion makes you look sharp and stylish. Just check you hair when you take them off. But then you probably already own a mirror, right?