6 Silly Mistakes You’re Making On The Golf Course

None of us want to get into a situation where we’re making constant blunders, especially in a sport we love. But golf just happens to be one of those sports where we keep making mistakes. Perhaps it’s because the sport itself is so complicated. Or maybe our attitude towards it is too relaxed. Who knows? Whatever it is, golfers make mistakes on a regular basis, and it’s ruining their experience on the course. Here’s where you’re going wrong and what to do about it.


You’re Using A 3-Wood

Have you ever wondered why all your friends can hit the ball 250 yards, but you’re stuck on 100? Well, it could have something to do with the type of club you’ve chosen. One of the biggest mistakes we see on the golf course is the number of players using a 3-wood. The angle on the 3-wood is a shallow, 15 degrees. And that means that the ball will fly low. Low-flying balls, however, are not optimal if you want the ball to go a long way. So switch out your 3-wood for a 4-wood and start hitting the ball far.



You Aren’t Watching The Ball

Often we make shots in golf that are so long that it’s hard to see where the ball went. And when it’s hard to see where the ball went, it’s hard to connect the shot with the ball. We have no idea whether what we did worked or not. If you don’t have a caddie with an eagle eye, then the next best solution is to use a range finder. Companies, like Leupold , say that rangefinders can be used to pinpoint where a shot landed, relative to the flag. And so this helps you make the connection between your swing and where the ball landed.



You Rage At The Gods Of Golf

As much as it may surprise some golfers, there isn’t a golfing god who is responsible for your bad shots. You’ve only got yourself to blame. But raging at non-existent entities will do nothing to improve your situation. In fact, it’ll probably only make it worse. The solution? Stop raging and just get on with improving your technique.


You’re Not Taking Aim

Golf swings are famously complicated movements. And if you spend any time investigating the subject, you’ll find a myriad of detailed advice. But the problem with all of this advice isn’t that you’re not following it. It’s that you’re concentrating on it too much. So much, in fact, that you neglect to consider the angle of the club head. Not aligning the club head with where you want the ball to go is a recipe for disaster. So aim first, concentrate on the technicalities of the swing second.



You’re Wearing The Wrong Clothes

Wearing the wrong sized pants is not only embarrassing, but it also affects your ability to move. So ditch the silly outfit, wear something that fits, and start playing golf properly.


Your Clubs Don’t Fit

As with most sports, it’s important to have clubs that fit. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing generic clubs not designed for your body’s geometry. Get a club fitting and find the right clubs for you.


Discounted Sunglasses Review

It’s that time of the year when the sun begins to shine through, and we experience some days of sunshine that resemble those Summer months. If you’re anything like me then the first thing you will look for is the shades, and probably find that they have been neglected through the Winter. Time to go Sunglass shopping!

I came across Discounted Sunglasses, a UK based online Sunglass retailer offering a range of the most popular branded sunglasses including Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, VERSACE & DIOR, to name just a few.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 09.12.09

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OAKLEY Holbrook Sunglasses

I was sent a pair of a OAKLEY Holbrook sunglasses, which are retailing for just £99.00 (RRP £145). These OAKLEY classics are perfect for me as I can wear them during the Summer, but also in the Winter on Skiing trips.

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OAKLEY pride themselves on the durability of their frames, whilst also providing timeless sunglasses, and these are no different! If you like OAKLEY’s then check out the range at Discounted Sunglasses here – there’s more than 70 pairs to chose from, and they start from just £65.00!



Swims for less than £50…..

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 14.37.54

SWIMS are a mint Summer shoe. They are made from rubber so clean really easily and are surprisingly comfortable. Right now at WOODHOUSE CLOTHING you can grab a pair for under £50 (usually £100+) – check out some of our favorites above!

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Pulling off the Banker Suit this Spring / Summer – 2014

Whether it’s the allure of old money that helps to keep worldly men on their toes, or it’s the burning desire to achieve nouveau riche status that ignites the average male’s inner fire; nothing screams self-confidence and power louder than the classic banker suit. This larger than life outfit has always been a favourite style among corporate bigwigs, nefarious mobsters and the Hollywood crowd. Fortunately nowadays it’s not necessary to be wealthy, a member of the criminal element or a celebrity to reap the benefits of the banker suit’s suave style.

bankersuitIt’s the undeniable appeal of the simple stripe pattern that gives this suit the mass attention that it so richly deserves. Stripes are synonymous with power. It’s virtually impossible to have one without the other. The wider the stripe, the bolder the intent: and there’s no better way to inspire a passion for style, or proudly highlight business prowess than by donning this timeless ensemble.

The secret to fashionably pulling off the dynamic striped banker suit during this spring and summer 2014 fashion season is to stick to a variety of basic neutrals: in medium to dark tones of navy, grey and black. A matching or contrasting pattern pocket square is always a nice touch, but not always necessary. Similarly, depending upon one’s personal style, choosing to wear a single or double-breasted suit is a matter of taste.

The main strength of the banker suit is its striking stripe pattern, not its bulky form; therefore exaggerated shoulder pads are not required. It’s also best not to pair it with other clothing and accessories that have a greater number of stripes, in order to prevent sensory overload. Instead, it’s safer to choose simple plaids, or colourful gingham pattern shirts and ties to use as backdrops and accent pieces. To balance the bevy of vertical stripes, the clever use of a bow tie would add an interesting horizontal design detail into the mix.

Of course, a combination of simplicity and style is always best. Therefore at times it may be appropriate to don a plain spread-collar shirt and an elegant solid color tie; rather than fancier attire. However if a three-piece power suit without the frills is more suited to one’s personal taste, then one should take the plunge and enter the realm of tieless banker suit chic!

Men’s suit designs may periodically show variations in color, texture, line, shape, and form over the seasons; however these classic pieces will never lose their mass appeal and style influence. Whether it’s for work or play: the bolder the men’s suit, the more explosive the fashion statement. Therefore there’s no need for any extra bells and whistles when it comes to stylishly donning this season’s latest banker suit fashion trends. All that’s necessary is classic and elegant style.


Must have trainers for Summer 2014

Earlier this week, we posted about the Nike X Liberty collection that launched back in April. Although this range would certainly feature within our Summer footwear ‘must have’s’, there are a handful of other models that we would consider to be equally as important, for your summer 2014 wardrobe.

Check out these bad boys….

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 15.56.55

Nike Airflow’s.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 15.56.30

Roshe Slip on’s.