The Most Underrated Fashion Items for Men


When we pick an outfit , we usually do so in order to make some sort of statement. Even if we’re only semi-conscious about this fact, it’s very much true in the world of business!

Putting a suit together can be trickier than some make it out to be. Here are some of the items that people often get wrong because they underestimate their importance!



People tend to like keeping their ties basic. Most will go for a tie that is just one solid color. This can often look nice, of course, as long as it meshes well with the rest of the suit . But most of the time, these ties don’t really stand out properly. They can complement a nice suit, but let’s face it: sometimes, ties may as well just not be there.



Of course, many of us remember some odd folks in our time that stood out because of their wacky tie choices. I remember at least a couple of teachers in high school who triggered playground giggles because of their odd ties . Obviously, we don’t want to be triggering these sorts of laughs when we need to look professional. But that doesn’t mean you should just go with boring, solid colors. Consider going with something with a bit of gradience or a subtle pattern. Subtlety is the keyword here, but remember: subtle and boring do not mean the same thing!



This is definitely one of the most underrated fashion items for men, if not the most underrated. After all, many would ask, who really pays attention a belt? Doesn’t paying attention to a belt mean your eyes aren’t meeting the eyes of the person in question? And, y’know, should your eyes even have been hovering in that general area in the first place?


But you should remember that a poorly-chosen belt can stick out like a sore thumb. The belt can act as a sort of “style buffer” between the bottom of the shirt and the start of the pants. So a color clash is very much possible in this area. The best belts for men combine that aforementioned and important subtlety with style. They shine just right, tighten and loosen exactly as required, and are versatile enough to fit with many other items.



This, again, is something that a lot of people don’t really think about. When they put socks on in the morning, they tend to assume that no-one is going to see them. After all, are they mostly covered up with, y’know, shoes ? And the top half are always hidden by the legs of my pants!



Well, here’s the tragic truth: for most people (if not everyone), there will be several points in the day in which your socks are visible. It just happens. When you cross your legs, or bend over, or do anything that disrupts the position of your pants? Your socks get exposed. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a ‘tragic’ truth. If you get socks that blend just right with your pants and shows, then you could be onto a winner. Of course, you don’t have to dismiss funny socks . After all, they can be a way of revealing the ‘soul’ underneath that business suit!