How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad


Creating the ultimate bachelor pad is no mean feat. It’s gotta be stylish, yet laid back; clean, yet easy to maintain; warm and inviting but not old-fashioned. Most important of all, it has to be set up perfectly for entertaining guests and courting women. After all, that’s what a bachelor pad is for, right?

Before you even begin, think carefully about what you’re going to be using your pad for. Is it for your own entertainment and comfort? Is to attract a new partner? Or is it just so that you can hang out with the lads on the weekend, order pizza and drink beer? Which of these objectives applies is important and goes a long way to determining how your bachelor pad will ultimately turn out.

Crafting the perfect bachelor pad isn’t easy, but there are a few essentials that seem to crop up time and time again. These are must-have features that set a bachelor pad apart from other types of dwelling.



The Bathroom


There’s a general sense out there that bachelor pad bathrooms are shabby and unkempt, which is precisely the opposite of how it should be. Bathrooms in bachelor pads should, in practice, be the centerpiece for the whole enterprise, since this is where bachelors themselves get ready to present themselves to the world and potentially entertain the odd guest.

Turning a bathroom from shabby to chic is relatively straightforward, but it requires a bit of planning. There’s no need to rip everything out and start again. Just putting in focal points, such as the Bisque Svelte radiator (£501.12 from Designer Radiator Showroom), and keeping the bathroom generally clean and tidy can make a big difference. So too can finding space for all your products, like a stylish bathroom cabinet so that all those different bottles and potions don’t ruin the aesthetic.



Go All Out On Fun


Bachelor pads are also about rebellion. Now that you’ve finally got your own place, you’re free to do whatever you want and just have fun. But what does “go all out on fun” actually mean in practice? Essentially, it means buying the toys you always wanted but weren’t allowed by your parents. This could be anything, from a pool table to a fifty-inch TV to a massage chair.

Tekscore Folding Leg Football Table (£299 from Liberty Games) – also make sure to check the UK Foosball association site! (We can’t believe this exists)

If you’re somebody who loves to entertain guests, you could take this a stage further and invest in your own mini-bar. How great would it be to take orders for drinks and be able to serve them, right in the comfort of your own living room?



Build Your Own Home Gym

Here’s another idea that is certain to turn your boring house into a kickass bachelor pad: having your own gym. If you’re sick and tired of making nightly trips across town only to turn up at the gym and find the weights section full, building your own gym could be the solution. There are all sorts of home gym products out there on the market right now, including entire sets of gym equipment, bundled together in special deals.

Of course, prices can be high. If you opt for professional equipment, you can expect to pay over a thousand dollars for each item. However, many regular big box stores also supply consumer varieties of pec-decks, free weights, and treadmills, which are often an order of magnitude cheaper.



Don’t Buy More Furniture Than You Need


If you want a bachelor pad that really stands out, it’s essential to get the furniture just right. Too much furniture and your pad will end up looking cluttered. Too little, and things can look sparse.

It’s up to you, of course, what furniture you decide to install in your living room. But most bachelor pads go for the perfect leather recliner which can be set up like a throne, right in front of the TV.

If you want your pad to look super professional – like it was designed by a career interior designer – try picking unique items of furniture, all in the same style, which work well together. Pairing art nouveau or Georgian pieces of furniture with deliberate contrast can lift the appearance of a bachelor pad and dramatically add to its sophistication.



Use Simple Statement Art

Once you’ve got your own place, you’re free to decorate it in any way you see fit. Most bachelor pads have simple decor, punctuated by bold statement pieces of art. For many men, this is an opportunity to go super masculine and hang canvas art depicting wild stags or fast cars. Choose anything you like, so long as it’s a little rebellious.



The Ultimate Guide To Home Workouts

Many people say they want to exercise but don’t have the time to get to a gym. To that I say, so what? You can have just as good a workout from home! Here are a few tips to help you have a fantastic home workout:

Make The Most Of The Space You Have

A lot of people think that you need a home gym to do home workouts. This is not the case at all. If you have the opportunity to create a home gym, then by all means, do it! But, most people won’t. Instead, you have to make the most of what you have. All you need is enough space to lie down in. If you can find a place in your house where you can lie down, that’s all the room you need. You can do press ups, crunches, burpees. I bet you can do a complete cardio workout, in that small space. You don’t need huge open rooms and a home gym to have a good workout. So, no more excuses , I bet you’ll find enough space to train in if you look hard enough.


Get Some Home Equipment

You can work out from home using no equipment at all. But, to make your workouts even better, there are a few things you should buy. Get your hands on some resistance bands or a couple of kettle bands. Resistance bands are great for a whole number of reasons. Personally, I like using them in my ab workouts. They add an extra bit of a challenge. Kettlebells are also great for cardio and muscle building reasons. If you have the room, you can do some kettlebell swings to tone those legs and glutes. Then, consider getting a pull-up bar and a barbell. Having a pull-up bar at home means you can do pull-ups and hanging leg raises too. A barbell gives you lots of options, you can use it to squat, shoulder press, or do barbell curls. Adding this equipment to your home workouts can make them more intense and improve your results.


Use Your Stairs

There may be some of you who read that heading and now have a puzzled look on your faces. What do stairs have to do with a home workout? Well, they can be the only thing you need for a killer cardio workout . Running up and down your stairs can be very tough. Especially if you adopt interval training techniques and make changes. Run up them as fast as you can for an entire minute. Make sure you walk back down each time! Then, rest for thirty seconds and go again. You can alter it so instead of running; you lunge up the stairs. This can be a great leg workout ! You could even use your stairs for incline/decline push ups. They’re a great thing to use for an amazing home workout.

strong athletic mans back on dark background

You don’t have to have a crazy mansion to workout from home. I know guys and gals that have been working out at home for years, in their small bedrooms. Take these tips on board and you’ll have a great home workout.