Mypure has an extensive product range for Men’s grooming, covering skin & body care, hair & shaving products.

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No man should these days have any excuse not to add a weekly face mask into their grooming routine. This purifying mud mask from Mypure provides a deep-purifying detox to unclogs those pores that cause black heads and washed away impurities leaving a smooth and fresh feeling that can’t be achieved with washing alone. These mud masks are expecially good for keeping skin oil free and smooth. Apply the mask for 5-10 mintues, close your eyes and imagine bathing in a Nordic mud bath.

Even the most basic grooming routine should include moisturising daily. Those who frown upon moisturising as feminine will only pay the price in later life as their dry skin starts to wrinkle and crack.


This A’kin Pure Man Moisturiser is used by some of our team at least twice a day and keeps any tight or dry feeling skin at bay. Mypure come up trumps with their moisturiser as the smell is clean and fresh which conjures up the mind to think of alpine slopes and winter days.

To check out the full range of Organic products for men, from Mypure, click here.

YSL L’Homme Libre | A New Fragrance at Hairtrade

YSL L’Homme Libre | A New Fragrance

Launched in 2011, Yves Saint Laurent fragrance L’Homme Libra was created by Olivier Polge and Carlos Benaim as an every day, fresh and youthful scent. The fragrance contains a mix of bergamont, pink pepper, and patchouli. Sweet and spicy, this masculine fragrance exudes an elegance, confidence, and class perfect for a summer night.

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Since the fragrance is powerful, a little bit goes a long way! It’s best to spray directly on the skin because you’ll smell it all day long. It’s currently on offer at Hairtrade for just £28.90, here! This one is definitely a good addition to any man’s cologne collection, especially to diversify from the typical musky and spicy scents that are common and traditional in men’s fragrances. This is a very good cologne and I would recommend it to everyone that wants something stylish and classy!

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You can purchase this perfume at Hairtrade, the leading luxury hair and beauty online store! ‘Created with their customers comfort in mind, their focus is on giving customers a simple and hassle‐free shopping experience.’ From our experience this is certainly true, they have a huge selection of men’s grooming products at really good prices. TheyHairTrade has a high standard of value with their price match guarantee, free delivery, and money back guarantee! Check them out now at