Step Out and Make a Statement in Your Suit

Wearing a suit is something that you kind of grow into. When you wear one for the first time (not counting being stuffed into a suit for family events as a child), it can make you feel like a real man. And yet it can take a while for you to feel truly comfortable in a suit and to find your own style. While some suits are made from blending in so you can present a professional image, sometimes you want it to help you stand out. Making a statement in your suit can get you noticed in a variety of settings, from work to weddings. If you want to catch someone’s eye, try these tips for making a statement.


Statement Suits

First of all, there’s the suit itself. They can come in so many different styles that you could wear a different one every time you go somewhere, and you’d never have to wear the same suit twice. If you’re looking to make a statement, you need to look beyond the standard styles you might pull out for the office. There are lots of ways you might choose to stand out, from choosing a suit with a bright color to wearing a jacket with slim lapels. You can go extra bold, with a strong pattern, choose a double-breasted suit or pick a three-piece.


Add a Flash of Color

Adding color to your suit in any way is a great way to catch the eye. And you don’t necessarily need to do it with your actual suit. There are plenty of other pieces and accessories you can wear that will add to your overall look. You can consider your shirt, tie, socks, pocket square, and tie pin. If you look at some sleeve garters here, you can see that even they make great flashes of color as armbands, whether you have your sleeves rolled up or down. If you don’t want to go for a colorful suit, you can easily add smaller threads of color through your look.


Get Some Patterns in Play

On top of some accent colors, you can also get some patterns in play. Again, you can think about your shirt and your accessories, as well as perhaps consider a striking or more subtle pattern for the suit itself. If you want to draw attention, your tie and pocket square are two of the best items you can choose for some bold patterns. Choose something that will really contrast with your suit and stand out.


Make It Seasonal

Suits can be worn at any time of the year – you just have to consider the weight of the material and how you wear them. You can adjust your outfit for the time of year, so you’re appropriately accessorized, and you feel comfortable. Put on a scarf or a pair of leather gloves in the winter, or roll your sleeves up and get a bit more casual during the summer.


There’s no need for a suit to look ordinary. Make a statement by thinking about how yours can stand out.

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