Online shoppers can now make a difference through their shopping habits by using YuuGive


With the advent of eCommerce online shopping has experienced a surge like no one else. For many obvious reasons and some unique ones, eCommerce has emerged at the top of the business ladder on many occasions and has proved that it is here to stay and grow in size by each passing day. Whatever be the reasons behind its success one of it is quite evident that the new generation shoppers have faith on the eCommerce companies and hence prefer to shop indoors instead of going outside and wasting time, energy as well as money.

But among the millions of online shoppers worldwide there are a certain group of shoppers who are eager to make a difference by properly utilizing their shopping habits. There is a particular breed of people who want to make a difference in the society and hence in the world. YuuGive provides such awesome people a chance and a platform to contribute to these specific causes through online shopping. Even the people who aren’t financially strong enough to get involved in large charitable causes can contribute by using YuuGive. Thanks to YuuGive these people can now shop their favourite substances on various shopping platforms and acquire the best promotion and discounts and in the process raise charitable money for specific noble causes. Let us learn more about YuuGive and see how this noble approach came into being.



How did YuuGive originate?

YuuZoo, a global corporation which is engaged in a large range of businesses involving social networks, mobile games, eCommerces, and payments are behind the foundation of YuuGive. YuuGive is profoundly supported by the resources of YuuZoo Corporation. With YuuGive YuuZoo has enabled their customers to donate to their preferred charities without even invading their own pockets. Up to 50 percent of the profits acquired by YuuGive from their goods sales are gifted to the charities that the buyers handpick themselves.



About YuuZoo

YuuZoo finds its name listed on the mainboard of Singapore Stock Exchange. The offices of YuuZoo are located in France, Nigeria, China Singapore and also Thailand. They have been involved in a lot of online technology development among which a mobile online platform where various products developed in-house are available. They have utilised their global network comprising of hundreds of marketing partners and franchises in order to provide services to lots of Asian, African and European countries hence covering a combined population of almost 4 billion. They have their official website at where one can find more technical details about the organisation.



Why did YuuZoo support YuuGive?

Estimates from various surveys report that in 2016 around USD 1.9 Trillion is brought into global commerce via online commerce. We can make an assumption that about 10 percent (which is typically a very small fraction) of that income which amounts up to USD 190billion goes to charitable trusts. YuuZoo understood that this amount won’t be sufficient to properly fund the noble causes supported by these trusts. They also understood that the common people don’t have enough money in their bank accounts for making large charitable donations. And it is with the help of the common people that the charitable funds can be enlarged sufficiently. That is why YuuZoo thought of an idea to get the common people involved without having to invade their pockets with YuuGive.



Why YuuGive is so unique?

The website or online platform recently launched by YuuZoo is called YuuGive and it is technically one of a kind. The following are its exceptional features which you must learn about.

  1. YuuGive is such a platform which makes giving back to the world much easier and simpler as shopping. All you have to do is shop your favorites from online stores through YuuGive.
  2. It is the first of its kind eCommerce platform that provides the chance for buyers to turn into Givers.
  3. The people who buy from YuuGive doesn’t have to incur any additional cost. The charity that the buyers choose will receive 50 percent of the commissions that YuuGive obtains.
  4. Buyers can shop as much as they wish without having to pay extra from their pockets. The platform adopted by YuuGive operates with quite a distinctive model of donation. The model allows the buyers to continue their usual shopping from their favorite online stores which provide commissions to YuuGive.
  5. Buyers get the choice of donating to their preferred charities. That way they can ensure that they provide to the charities that they believe in rather than donating to unconvincing causes.
  6. The buyers are required to select their chosen products and proceed to checkout through YuuGive. This automatically enables them to select the charity where he would like his proceeds to go to.


Simple steps to buy using YuuGive

Here are the few simple steps which need to be followed in order to buy using YuuGive and contribute to the noble cause.

  • Choose your buy from the online store: YuuGive has partnered with many online shopping stores around the world. Buyers have to first select the websites they wish to buy their favorite products from. This gets your shopping started.
  • Choose the products you want to buy: Choose the products you want to buy from your favourite shopping websites.



The charities included by YuuGive

As mentioned before YuuGive allows its user to choose the charity they believe in and want to contribute to. This is a rare phenomenon which hasn’t been observed in any other social charitable operations. Buyers from YuuGive have that rare privilege to contribute their money to the charitable organization that they have faith in and hence want to help out. There are numerous charitable trusts included in the activities of YuuGive among which the buyers have to select one of their choices. The prominent ones among them are mentioned below. Have a look.

  1. Singapore Red cross society:A humanitarian organization which is entirely homegrown, the SRC (Singapore Red Cross) is a charitable organization completely dedicated in their act of relieving human suffering and protecting the lives and the dignity of the ones in need and also responding to emergencies since the year 1949. A few of their activities include a home for the disabled, transport aid, blood donor mobilization, food aid, community first aid and training.
  2. The Conservation Fund:The focus of the conservation fund is solely on community conservation by creating a number of pathways for the organization and its peoples to protect all the natural resources as well as save the vital places which matter such as places with cultural and historical significance, properties with ecological importance etc. They strive in delivering economic and conservation vitality via strong bonds with government and other government organizations.
  3. Food for others:The mission of the Food for others group is distributing food free of cost to the neighboring persons in need. They have partnered with the Northern Virginia community in order to provide vital opportunities to the people wanting to volunteer with their resources. In case of an emergency Food for Others begin operating for providing food to those who cannot afford them.
  4. United Cerebral Palsy:A non-profit international organization which consists of an affiliate network involved in charitable works across the globe. UCP or United Cerebral Palsy provides services and advocates for the persons with disabilities. It is one of the largest non-profit health organization in the USA and through their network of affiliates they are able to progress the productivity, full citizenship and hence the independence of the disabled people.
  5. Christian Blind Mission International:The CBM is an international trust that visits the poorest places in the world in order to help the people surviving in the most inconvenient circumstances. They work in order to ensure that the most vulnerable persons are not ignored and left behind but taken well care of. Their mandatory work is to enable the blind people surviving in difficult living circumstances to fight their difficulties and survive gracefully.
  6. Catholic Medical Mission Board:An international NGO based o faith, the Catholic Medical Mission Board provides co-operative, long-term medical aid to the communities suffering from poverty and those who don’t have equal access to the benefits of healthcare.
  7. Earthworks:Another non-profit organization which dedicates itself to the protection of communities and environment from the dangerous impacts of energy development. They promote sustainable energy solutions so that the land, air and water can be kept cleaner. They promote corporate accountability so that solutions can be worked out for protecting the resources of the Earth as well as its communities.


The Final Word

Accounting for all the harm we do to the environment through our daily technological progress and advancement of living standards it is our responsibility to give back to the Earth and its people in equal proportions. That is why we must encourage the charitable organizations that strive to help the ones in need through our daily shopping habits. By using YuuGive we can do what is required and donate to the charitable causes that we prefer without even affecting our bank balance. It is what we like to call Impactful shopping using YuuGive.


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