Master The Art Of Looking Good At The Gym

While you might not be looking your best when you step off the treadmill after a 10k run, or you feel like collapsing into a heap after your particularly intense spin class, there are things within your control that can keep you looking at your best. The world of gym attire has exploded in recent years, meaning fashion credentials can be upheld even during the sweatiest of workouts. Take a look at how you can master the art of looking good at the gym.



Don’t Try Neon

The neon look died out in about the same year shell suits and fluorescent lycra waved goodbye to the fashion world in the 1980s. Instead, you need to opt for a more neutral palette for your gym attire. A cool black, grey, or cream tracksuit, shorts or tee is ideal. If you love your brands, then Nike is still top, but if you want to veer away from the sports labels, a jaunt to a boutique like SEEK Attire could see you purchasing some unique gym wear for a fraction of the price. There is more flexibility with clothing in the gym nowadays with more people wearing what they deem comfortable rather than succumbing to the allure of Reebok, Ellesse and Adidas.


Converse Is Not For The Gym

Yes, you may love your sneakers, but you cannot possibly be hitting the rowing machine with those All-Stars on your feet. Opt for a cross trainer or running shoe that fits snugly, and that has preferably been professionally fitted. Don’t skimp on your footwear and see this as your chance to flex some more of your creative fashionista muscles . A shock of neon upon a shoe shows personality, and the Adidas and Nike ranges cater for this perfectly.



If you are a gym bod that loves a heavy bass line to get you motivated to lift heavier weights and run quicker and harder, then you need some headphones. Wired kit is becoming a little passe and could see you struggling with some of the gym equipment as you become tangled up. Instead go for the cordless equivalents that use bluetooth technology to hook up to your smartphone or MP3 player. The earbuds that also hook behind your ears are secure and look cool meaning you don’t have to worry about anything other than the next rep of bicep curls.


Don’t Be An Extrovert

Yes, you may have abs like a rock , and you might be proud of your triceps, but the rest of the gym doesn’t need to see you parading your bronzed Adonis-like body around every piece of equipment. If you wear nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts, you’ll come across as arrogant, and people will be staring at you for all the wrong reasons. Be sensible and keep it modest and covered.


Follow these simple steps to ensure that you follow gym etiquette while looking good during your workouts at the same time. Soon, you will be mastering the art of looking good at the gym.


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