Looking Sharp And Smart On A First Date

Going on that first date can be a pretty daunting experience. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already known the person for a long time, or if you’re biting the bullet and going on your first ever blind date – you’re still guaranteed to have those knots in your stomach before you set off for the evening. Obviously, everyone on a first date wants to make a good first impression. While it’s what’s on the inside that counts, most of us are all aware that how you look on a first date is also very important. Rocking up looking like you’ve just got out of bed isn’t exactly going to set a positive tone for the rest of your date – so here are some tips on nailing that first date look and sweeping your date off their feet.



Unless your whole look is based around having long, shaggy hair, you’re probably going to want to get a haircut before the big date comes around. Some guys suit long hair, providing they take care of it – and a lot of women like a man with long hair too. But if your hair is supposed to be short and is just looking a little unkempt, this doesn’t so much scream ‘relaxed hippy dude’ as it does ‘I just can’t be bothered to get it cut.’ Taking pride in your appearance will also make you feel a lot more confident on the date, so book yourself in for a trim a few days before.



Waking up on the day of your date with a huge zit is pretty disheartening. You may even think to yourself that it’s only typical you should end up breaking out at such a critical time. Having noticeable acne can knock your confidence, so make sure you have an emergency spot treatment at the ready for such occasions. Tea tree oil is a great natural option for this.



One of the best ways we express ourselves is through our clothes. No matter what the formality of your date is, you’re going to want to look sharp. If it’s a more casual affair (bowling, or a low-key lunch) don’t overdress, but also make it clear that you’ve got a style. Always choose a shirt rather than a t-shirt, and make sure your jeans are good quality and well-fitting. If you’re going out for dinner and drinks, you may want to don a suit, or at least something a little more tailored. You may want to take a look at various mens blazers to layer over a crisp shirt for a smart and fashionable look.



They do say that you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. Unless your date involves something like a country walk, always wear proper shoes – never trainers. Make sure they are shined to within an inch of their life, so it’s clear that you take good care of them. Men’s Chelsea boots are also a good option if your date is leaning towards the more casual end of the spectrum, and they show that you’re not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion either.


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