How to Wear the Men’s Floral Fashion Trend


Since the adversities of the 1980’s during those days of Hawaiian shirts, men’s fashion trends have come full circle. The runways were set hot this year with bold trends in menswear including florals, that have long been considered the domain of women.

There are some risks that come with wearing prints. Here are some tips on how to wear the men’s floral fashion.

1. One print per look

You should avoid being print excessive. After taking one module of your outfit that characterises the vibrant floral print, keep the rest plain and simple. When wearing floral shorts, for example, let the shorts retain their identity by not clashing them with a vest in a stronger pattern. Instead, complement them by pairing styles that either differ in pattern or tone but not in both. You can also, of course, pair florals with classic solids.

2. Layering

Layering is the right way to go when going for floral. A blooming print shirt will go with a tailored blazer because the arresting impact of the full on floral fashion will be broken up by blazer.

3. Do the runway right

Unless you are a model, you might not want to copy the looks of models that may look cool on the runway. It is good to judge and interpret the look to your own likes by integrating the trend in your closet. Runway fashions are often extreme. Pick your favorites and pair them with your own style staples.

4. Go with the season

You should stay set for the season. Just as a tropical shirt would look out of place during the winter season, dark and suave florals will be more suited for a cold evening than on the beach. Florals have been traditionally summer clothes but designers have been swapping the clothes for all seasons. Pair a deep colored, floral print shirt with a blazer for a festive winter night to set the trend.

Florals are no longer for a particular occasion or season. Follow this guide to rock floral prints in menswear any time of the year and stay fashionable.



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