How To Spice Up Your Love Life


Being in a relationship with someone you love for some time entails going the extra mile to make them happy. If you want their hearts to melt away each time they see you, it would then be advisable to try as much as possible to put a smile on their faces, and never be practical. Here are a few ways to help you spice up your love life.


  1. Plan small surprise

It is the little things you do that show your partner how much you love them, says psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith. Leaving a romantic love note on the fridge, surprising your man with a picnic dinner, or just letting him sleep in during the weekend, are small deeds that speak volumes about your love.


  1. Be more passionate when kissing

Instead of the usual peck, consider giving your /woman a long passionate kiss early in the morning before heading out. This will not only raise his/your oxytocin levels but also make her feel loved and appreciated. Surprising her with a long kiss after work is recommended as well.


  1. Go for a vacation

You never have to spend all your savings on a holiday abroad to make your partner happy. Taking your partner for a summer vacation or just out of town for a romantic getaway during the weekend can do wonders to your relationship. Spending a couple of nights at a hotel (with your loved one) in another city is a great gesture that you indeed love your partner.


  1. Think outside the box

Being in a relationship for some time can make life boring, or predictable. Nonetheless, taking on random actions of love, such as taking up a cooking class, or even a tennis lesson can provide you with an excellent way to explore each other’s talents, and spend time together. You should also consider reading an erotic magazine together, or even try new sex positions. Check out this advice.


  1. Attend all anniversaries: Making it a habit of going for dinner during your anniversary is a great way to celebrate your love. Instead of having a joint dinner with the entire family, consider having dinner just the two of you. This should help rekindle the love flames hence create a longer lasting bond.


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