How to Create the Mod Look



Practically every decade has a revival of the mod phase, and this decade is no exception. This mod style will guide you in achieving the ever-desirable and popular mod look. Whether you currently have a smart or casual look, or whether you’re dressing for the winter or summer seasons, this guide will have you covered.



The Different Mod Styles

Modernist, better known as mod style became popular in London during the early 60s. Mod style was all about tailor-made suits and the music scene. This was a step away from the 50s style, which was considered old-fashioned. The mods were the cool kids. They were clothes were smart, streamlined, and neat.


The mod style has been adopted by other generations through the years. Each generation has made some slight adaptations to the style while keeping most of the original look.


In the late 70s, there was a mod revival when bands like The Jam and The Specials adopted this style. Fans tend to follow the fashion style of their idols which is why fashion trends often follow the music scene.


When these 70s bands adopted the mod style, it becomes popular again. The current mod look also follows the music scene with Britpop bands like The Verve, Blur, and Oases adopting and altering the original mod look.



How to Dress Like a Mod

Today’s mods have the same smart, streamlined look of the original 60s mods. However, current mods have a bit of a rock edge to their style. This guide shows you the key items that should be in any mod’s wardrobe. It will also give you tips on how to get the same look as your favourite celebrities like Paul Weller, Graham Coxon, and Lian Gallagher.



Here are some of the key pieces you need to build your mod wardrobe.

Mod Parka or Trench Coat

The trench coat or park are key items for a mod wardrobe. Ideally, you should have one of each so that you have some variety in your wardrobe. However, since you should be buying a decent coat, you may be spending more than a few pennies for it. So, if money is tight, choose one. Here is a break down on each style of coat, which will make it easier to choose the one that’s best for you.


The Mod Parka

When buying a parka, you should pay careful attention to the size. You want the parka to be baggy. Tight parkas don’t look good. Choose a fishtail parka for a classic mod look. If you want a smarter style look for a military-style Parka, without the fur hood.


Versatile – You can wear a park with a casual or smart outfit, making it a very versatile piece of outerwear.

Hoods – A parka has a hood, but the style of the hood may vary. You can choose a fur hood, plain hood, or a detachable hood. These options give you the opportunity to create a look that suits your style.

Styles – A parka can be short or long, fleece or fur, thick or thin, and military or fishtail. This coat comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Weatherproof – Since the mod look is all about being British, the clothes should be able to stand up to rain and wind. With a parka, you’ll have that covered.


The Mod Trench Coat

The trench coat was originally created for soldiers to wear in the trenches, hence the name. If you want the classic mod look, you can choose the old-style military trench coat with large lapels and shoulder pads.


When choosing a trench coat, look for a garment that is well-fitted. The trench coat is constructed in straight lines, which means you don’t want to see bulging buttons and saggy shoulders when wearing the coat.


Classic – The trench coat is one of the main parts of the original mod style. Even outside of the mod style, the trench coat has been a traditional and classic piece of outerwear. This style of trench coat can be worn for years.

Smart – You will always look stylish in a classic trench coat. This is a coat that can add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Double Breasted – The double-breasted version of the trench coat is the most popular style with the mods, especially when worn with a blazer.

Buttons – The trench coat comes with zipper and button closure. If you want the mod look the button trench coat will always look smarter and is the more traditional style.


Regardless of the style of coat you choose, the color you choose is very important. You want to buy a coat of earthy tones such as sand, tan, or green. If you want a smarter, more sophisticated look try navy blue or black. Your coat’s color should contrast the rest of our outfit. Your shoes should match your coat and you can finish off your smart outfit with a knitted scarf.


The base of a mod wardrobe is polo shirts and jeans. Before you choose your accessories or footwear you need to have the basics. A polo shirt is a classic wardrobe piece that can be worn casually or as part of a smart outfit. The polo shirts appeal comes from the buttons and fitted shape. The buttons on the shirt should all be done up, don’t leave the top button undone, that look is too messy for a mod.


When it comes to patterns and colors, bolder is better. The RAF target or the Union Jack are popular symbols with mods, while Fred Perry is a very popular brand. Think red, white, and blue when buying your shirts. If you don’t want to stand out black or burgundy offer a more muted look. Stripes and blocks of colors are also popular.


When you look for jeans, remember mods don’t wear skinny jeans. Mods stay away from trends. Instead, you should look for slim fit or straight leg jeans. You can cut off or roll up the jean’s cuff slightly so that you can show off your smart shoes.


Mod Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important parts of a mod wardrobe. When the modernist revolution started, mods were the first generation after the war who had spare income for buying clothes and accessories. Fancy shoes were one way of showing your style. This is still seen in modern mod styles.


Browns and beige shoes are popular. However, black and blues also work well, especially if wearing a full suit. Make sure you match the materials and color of the shoes with your other clothing items, particularly your blazers or coats. The top shoes for modern mods are Chelsea boots, loafers, brogues, and desert boots.



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