How To Buy The Right Watch – Size and Fit


The watch represents the necessary accessory, which complements the man’s personal status and is an indicator of his success. Big face watches for men are in great demand among representatives of the strong half of humanity. And there are many reasons that determine the popularity of such watches and putting aside smaller size accessories. The most important reason is that this watch looks truly masculine.
Imagine a guy with a little watch that isn’t noticeable on his small wrist and what’s left is just a thin little bracelet. Then, imagine another guy that has an enormous timepiece that looks like it’s straight from a cereal box. Who do you want to be?
In we can talk a lot about big muscles, shooting big guns and generally having “bigger” lifestyle, however when it comes to buying a watch, the rule “bigger is better” not for everyone.
When you try to choose the perfect size watch, for someone it can be easy, but for others – challenging. We would love to share with you the most important tips that can help you to make the right watch purchase.


The diameter of the case is the most noticeable characteristic of the wristwatch and, perhaps, the main in terms of proportions. Men’s watches are usually presented in sizes from 38 to 46 mm. So how do you know which size is right for you?
First of all, measure your wrist. If the circumference of your wrist is between 15 and 18 cm, then, probably a watch with an average body diameter of 38, 40 and 42 mm will fit you the best. If your hand is bigger and your wrist circumference is more than 19 cm, then you are a fan of large wristwatches, the diameter of the case is 44-46 mm.


A competent watch design implies that the width of the belt is about half the diameter of the body. That is, in watches with a body of 40 mm the width of the belt should be 20 mm.
Leather belts always look elegant, but a metal bracelet of the same width will look more massive and larger – it’s just the law of perception. Metal bracelets, as a rule, organically combined with large watches, which are suitable for a wide wrist. However, much depends on the taste.


The size of details and elements of the watch, both on the dial itself and outside the case. On the surface of the dial are the sizes of hour markers, arrows and other elements, such as the date window and additional internal displays. Outside is the crown and buttons, if any. All these large-sized parts will visually make larger even small hours, which can disrupt the harmony of proportions. It is especially important how the size and shape of all individual elements are combined together with the parameters mentioned above.

The right strategy for choosing the perfect sized watch is to pay attention to all the parameters of the clock and to correlate them with your own dimensions. Harmony, harmony and once again harmony – and there it is already up to you. Keep in mind that Gear’d Watches tend to be on the large side of the spectrum so limp wrists need not apply.

Thank you “Aspire To Be Different” and of course Chris for opportunity to talk about this topic and help people to know which watch best to their style



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