Get Fit With Your Inner Child

No one can ever say that exercise is bad for you, but it’s possible that many people find exercise boring. Weightlifting is repetitive, the gym is uninspiring, and sometimes even a killer playlist can’t motivate you to go running. The funny thing is, when we were kids we didn’t mind getting active; we played football during breaks, started water fights in the summer, and relentlessly wrestled out siblings for control of the remote. With all that movement, it’s no wonder we were in better shape as kids. Is it possible that the key to enjoying exercise lies in our childhood?



For those kids lucky enough to have a trampoline growing up, it was the closest thing there was to flying. You were probably having so much fun practising your tricks that you didn’t know the effect it had on your body. With just ten minutes a day on a trampoline, you could boost weight loss, define muscle tone, and improve your overall health. A ten minute workout on a trampoline is the equivalent of running on a treadmill for thirty minutes. It firms the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, increases agility, and improves sense of balance. Most importantly, it lowers the risk of injury, as the flexible surface reduces the impact of landing.


Before it was an activity you did at the gym or a way to get to work, cycling was a form of freedom. When you couldn’t rely on your parents to drive you anywhere, or the bus wouldn’t quite take you to where you needed to go, your trusty bike was your main form of transport. Bikes have come a long way, so you can find some really cool models at, either just to drool over them or find a new mode of transport. But the benefits for you body are even better; sports physiologists have found that even after cycling for 30 minutes, you could be burning a higher amount of total calories for a few hours after you stop. You don’t even have to try too hard to get the full benefits; a short cycle to the corner shop once a day will still work wonders.



Don’t think that this playground activity is just for girls; if it’s good enough for training athletes, it’s good enough for you. Jumping with a skipping rope burns an estimated 1300 calories per hour and it’s easy to just play some music and skip for three or four songs. As it’s a bodyweight exercise, jump rope does help improve muscle tone, but it also targets the thighs, shins, and calf muscles, while simultaneously working on the abs and arms. It’s also easier on your knees and ankles because it’s a low impact workout. The best part is you can do it anywhere; if the weather is nice you could take your workout to the garden, the beach, or you could buy a cordless skipping rope if you’re worried about breaking things in your house.



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