Everything You Need For A Manly Break In The Wilderness

Are you planning a vacation with a difference? Are you getting the troops together and embarking on an adventure in the wilderness? If you’re planning to sleep under the stars and challenge each other in perilous pursuits, here are some essentials to remember.



Sleeping equipment and getting around

When you’re planning your trip, think about how you’re going to get there and move around once you arrive. If you’re heading to the mountains or the sand dunes, your average saloon may not cut the mustard. You could consider hiring a 4WD or an RV. If you get an RV, this will provide you with a roof over your head as well.

If you’ve already got a sturdy vehicle suitable for navigating tracks in the wild, you’ll need a tent. Go for something weatherproof. It’s always worth paying a little more to ensure quality. Have a look around and read some reviews. You’ll find some useful information and tips from sites like Chandler Rod and Gun Club. Once you’ve got your tent sorted, invest in some sleeping bags.


Outdoor clothing

Even in the height of summer, you may find that the weather forecast is unpredictable. It’s always beneficial to take waterproofs with you. You’ll need comfortable, supportive shoes if you’re hiking, fishing, shooting, or climbing. Take a backpack with you and bring plenty of layers. Remember to pack thick socks. If you’ve bought new shoes, wear them in at home first to prevent blisters.


Cooking utensils

You’ll need to eat at the end of a grueling day, so take some cooking equipment with you. You can rustle up a surprisingly tasty meal using a camping stove. Tins of beans, eggs, and meat are simple options, which will fill you up. It’s a good idea to keep high-calorie snack bars in your bag with you during the day. They can give you a boost if you’re feeling tired.


Adventure pursuits equipment

Are you planning to go shooting, fishing or hiking? Does your itinerary feature cycling, kayaking or climbing? If so, you may need to bring some equipment with you. Take a look at hire options before you travel. If you’re only climbing for one day, for example, it may be worth hiring when you arrive.


Survival essentials

You may not be able to rely on your phone for GPS signal out in the middle of nowhere. Take a map and a compass with you. It’s always beneficial to have a first aid kit in your bag. Pack band-aids, bandages, and sterile dressings. You may also need water purifying tablets, matches, and painkillers. If you have severe allergies, or you take prescription medication, make sure you have the relevant drugs with you. Carry a torch and whistle in your bag, just in case you get lost.


There’s nothing better than spending time with your mates in the outdoors. If you’re gearing up for an action-packed adventure, bear these packing and planning pointers in mind. Do your research, and make sure you’re equipped to deal with the elements.

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