Eight secrets to easily boost your street cred

Eight secrets to easily boost your street cred

Anyone can be cool

Anyone can be cool

At school, were you one of the cool kids that the rest of the class looked up to or did you admire that group from afar? Although less intense, there’s still that pressure in adult life to be cool, to gain the respect of others. So how can you make subtle changes in your life and the way you behave to increase your cool status, without feeling like you have to try too hard, and without becoming a jerk?


  1. Be positive

No one enjoys being around a person who complains and is always down on the world. The cool guy gives off positive vibes and always has something good to say. As a consequence, they draw friends and admirers like moths to a flame. Always look for the positives in life and comment on them.


  1. Show confidence but don’t confuse that with arrogance

There’s a balance between showing inner confidence and being viewed as being too opinionated. See if you can strike that balance by talking less and listening more. When you say something, make sure it’s something that counts.


  1. Boost your knowledge

What's in a Mai Tai?

What’s in a Mai Tai?

Cool guys know a lot of stuff. They know what drinks to order at the bar, they’re able to tell you what’s in a Mai Tai and how to mix the perfect Martini. They know about food and they know what to order in a fancy restaurant.


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Know what you're doing at a gaming table
Know what you’re doing at a gaming table

Once you’ve got an idea of how to play different table games at a casino, you’re well on the way to looking like a man who knows his stuff.


  1. Carry yourself confidently

The way you walk and the way you stand at a bar or at a party can speak volumes about what kind of person you are. Aim to stand tall and walk into a room with confidence. Even if you don’t feel that confident, appearing as if you are will fool any onlookers and will actually serve to increase your inner confidence.


  1. Be true to yourself

Follow your own rules and don’t go with the crowd for the sake of it. If you’re on holiday with friends and they all decide to get a tattoo, that doesn’t mean you have to. Think about being yourself, meeting your own expectations, rather than trying to fit the mould others have in mind for you.


  1. Don’t think you’re better or smarter than others

Cool guys aren’t always right. Be open to the concept that other people you meet in life will sometimes know more than you or be more intelligent than you. Be flexible enough to admit your way of doing things may not be the only way. You don’t need to constantly prove how clever you are. Let your actions demonstrate that for you.


  1. Put yourself out for others

No one’s cool if they’re not willing to put themselves out for other people now and then. Be prepared to help someone in need – an old lady crossing the road, or a young mum struggling up a set of stairs with a pushchair. You don’t need to make too much of an effort to help others, and it’ll feel good about yourself, as well as earn you points with the people around you.


  1. Personal hygiene matters

A last (if rather obvious) thing to remember. Cool guys are always well-groomed and it’s not just about the clothes they wear. Brush your teeth, trim your nails, get a good haircut, keep on top of all those little details that show that you make an effort and care about being presentable.



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