Discover the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

When it comes to horology, there is no secret that the Swiss have set the standard for literally hundreds of years. Though many may try to compete with Swiss craftsmanship and precision timepieces, most will be setting themselves up for failure. Omega has raised the bar yet again with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean that is truly in a class of its own – a classic timepiece for today’s man of action.



The Beginning of an Era – Omega Is Born

Officially founded in 1903 as a spinoff of the renowned Swiss watchmaking company, La Generale Watch Co, Omega can trace its roots back almost two centuries. What set Omega watches apart from those crafted for La Generale was the way in which they were produced totally in-house, giving the company total control over production and the ability to use interchangeable parts. The rest is, as they say, history.



The Omega Seamaster Gains Global Recognition

Best known as one of the first-ever automatic winding watches, the Seamaster line is also renowned as being one of the first watches to continue functioning at great depths underwater. However, it wasn’t really until 1995 when Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in Goldeneye that the Seamaster first gained worldwide notoriety.

Updated with Revolutionary Technology

For those new to luxury timepieces, it would help to learn about the Top Swiss Watches for First Time Buyers , where you will find what sets the Seamaster Planet Ocean apart. The line has been updated and revamped for today’s active man, but the most visually remarkable features are the ceramic dials and bezels along with Ceragold™ or Liquidmetal® scaling and numbers.



The Timepiece of Choice for Divers

The face of Planet Ocean watches makes it possible for divers to keep track of underwater time with the improved technology of Super-LumiNova which radiates a pure, bright white light at the same time as the hands and the bezel’s dot glow bright green. This answers a common problem divers experience with watches under water, and that is having the ability to actually see and track time to monitor their own safety .

Seven Models to Choose From

While you might be thinking that the Planet Ocean is a Model under the Omega brand, it is actually a line with seven different models to choose from. If you are looking for an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch, you can choose:

  • Omega Co-axial Chronograph 45.5 MM
  • Omega Co-Axial GMT 43.5 MM
  • Omega Co-Axial 45.5
  • Omega Co-Axial 42 MM (Black Dial and Leather Strap)
  • Omega Co-Axial 42 MM (White Dial and Leather Strap)
  • Omega Co-Axial 37.5 MM (Black Dial and Leather Strap)
  • Omega Co-Axial 37.5 MM (White Dial and Leather Strap)


As you can see, there are variations of each and if you are in the market for second-hand Omegas , the Seamaster Planet Ocean is not only the most efficient underwater timepiece on the market, but also the trendiest.


With so many fashionable variations of each model, the search is much like a treasure hunt and well-worth your efforts when you’ve found just what it is you are looking for.

Summary of What You Should Know

Whether you are seeking a classic Swiss watch with enough rugged appeal to put you in a world with 007 or are looking for the best timepiece for underwater precision, The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean collection has exactly what you need.


Each watch in this collection from Omega is water resistant to 60 bar which equates to 600 meters or 2,000 feet. This is significant if you are tracking oxygen below the surface . In the end, what you should know is that Omega has spent billions updating the line so that even its closest rival, Rolex, can’t compete in precision or design.


If you looking for the precision of a fashionable Swiss timepiece, it’s time to discover the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean.




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