Differio Stylish Menswear Mocks Amazon And The Internet Loves It


Differio, an up and coming New York menswear site, recently launched the “Amanzone” campaign mocking Amazon’s Prime Day sale event. This men’s trendy clothing website is known for selling the latest styles in clothing, shoes and accessories by top independent designer brands.

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest sale day of the year. Millions of Amazon Prime customers spend hours finding the best lightning deals and take advantage of the unlimited one-day shipping. While Amazon customers are busy browsing Prime Day deals, Differio launches one of the biggest sales of the year that’s as whopping as Amazon.

This one-day sale included up to 75% off on over 200 sale items, from summer clothes to winter jackets. Their Prime Sale was one the largest sale events since last Black Friday.

While most e-commerce sites are dreading plummeting sales on Prime Day, Differio decides to clap back with an aggressive ad campaign. Tag lines, like “the real MAN zone” and “It’s amanzone!!”, were shared across their newsletters and social media platforms.

However, their biggest campaign message of all was “The clothes you can’t get on Prime Day”. This might seem like an astronomical claim to make, but they actually have stylish menswear you can’t get on Amazon.

Between their unique grooming selections and independent designers, this is far from the products you’d find among Amazon’s mass marketed items. Differio is comparably an online superstore very much like Amazon, but targeting the fashion forward male market.

Men that love fashion can browse through hundreds of on-trend mens clothing online that are like limited edition pieces. Whether you’re a guy into mens makeup or trendy mens shoes, their products always have that shock factor.

Take advantage of this mega one-day sale while it lasts and check out the wild styles available on Differio.


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