Choosing A New Sport That You’ll Love

Getting involved in a new sport is a fantastic way to spend your time and make some new social contacts. But perhaps more importantly, get fit . By taking on another sport, you’ll have the chance to spend your time exercising with an activity that you hopefully love. Of course, taking up a sport can be a burden so you will have to make sure you enjoy it. You’ll also have to check that it’s an activity you’ll be able to stay interested in. Otherwise, after a couple of weeks, you will just let it go and then that’s just a waste. You need to think about what sport to choose, and there are a number of different factors to take into consideration.


A Sport That Matches You


Different sports have different traits and they don’t match everyone. We can look at physical features first of all. If you want to take up a sport like Rugby, you do need to have the right physique. Rugby players are quite muscular and surprisingly light on their feet. You need to be agile to avoid a brutal tackle. If you’re the hooker, then you will be on the far side of the field. The ball will be passed to you, and you will be expected to run the rest of the distance to the end to score. These two traits may not match your particular skill set. If you are quite large but not too agile, you might instead want to try American football . American football shares many similarities with rugby, but agility isn’t needed. Blockers in American football take on the responsibility of charging the opposing team. It’s more brutal and about the attack rather than the dodge.

Similarly, if you have quite a good height, you might like to try basketball. Basketball is a great sport that almost feels like art in motion. You’ll love the feeling as the ball slips through the hoop without touching the side of the ring. That’s the perfect shot, and it’s hard to master. Particularly, if you’ve got an opposing team member who’s nearly seven feet tall blocking your view. If you have a stock build, you could be better at boxing. Shorter men are better at this sport as their weight is more evenly spread. They can gain a stronger footing when lining up a punch.

Of course, it’s not just about the physical traits . There are mental aspects to consider as well. For instance, some sports are a lot more competitive. If you’re playing a team sport, you will find yourself pushing to win. But a solo sport is more about beating your own time, and this can be easier. You also have to think about how well you handle pressure. There isn’t too much pressure to perfect a shot on the golf course. You can take your time to line it up, practise your swing and aim. But in a basketball game with the clock running down, you’ll only have moments.


Buying The Equipment

Of course, for some sports, you need to make financial investments. This is another reason it’s important to choose the right sport. Otherwise, it will just end up being a waste of money. When choose a sport you’ll have to think about how much you’ll need to spend on different items. Some sports require less equipment than others. For instance, if you take up sprinting, you just need a fine pair of running shoes . You do need a great pair though otherwise, you can severely damage your legs and feet.

Alternately, you might decide to take up weightlifting. In this instance, you will be looking at more expensive commitment. Either you will need to join a gym or to invest in some weightlifting equipment. Weight Lifting equipment on average will run you around four hundred dollars, and that’s not too much. As long as you see it as an investment into your future fitness.

You may like to try taking up pickleball. Pickleball combines elements of a number of bat playing sports. These include tennis badminton and table tennis. It’s a fun game and can be very addictive once you start playing. The equipment is fairly cheap too. You can find it sold by Wolfe Sports at reasonable prices. Pickle sport could be a great choice if you’re looking for something to set up and share with your whole family. Unlike tennis, you don’t need that much space to play it at home.


Determining Your Goals


When choosing a sport, it’s important that you think about the goals behind the activity. We’ve already mentioned one and that’s to get your family involved. But you might have other desires. You may be taking up a sport to encourage you to get in shape and get fit. If this is the reason, you want to pick a sport that is quite strenuous. Again, weightlifting could be a good choice here. Pumping iron for a few months will certainly let you build up your upper arm strength. However, if you want to see physical changes you’ll also have to complete endurance exercises like running.

Perhaps your goal is nothing to do with fitness but more fun, thrill and adventure. There are lots of sports to choose from that could satisfy this need. You could take up skydiving. You can either try tandem flying or learn to fly solo. Learn to fly solo can be nerve racking at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it. You’ll start off jumping at two and a half thousand feet. This isn’t as far up as you’d expect when you’re hurtling towards the ground. You will only have seconds to enjoy the fall before you need to pull the shoot. As you increase in skill, you’ll be able to drop from higher heights. At that point, it’s about knowing the exact time when to open the parachute. Too early and you could catch high winds. Too late and you’re in for a painful landing. But that’s all part of the fun, and if you’re looking for thrill, there is no better sporting choice.


Use this guide and find the perfect sport for you this year.

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