Aging Issues? Don’t Forget About These!


Ageing is one of those things that we all know is coming for us. It’s like a bailiff banging at the door- we can ignore it for awhile, but eventually,Aging is one of those things that we all know is coming for us. It’s like a bailiff banging at the door- we can ignore it for awhile, but eventually, it’s going to get in. It doesn’t matter how much we pile bricks in front of the door or pretend we’ve moved home. It’ll arrive, uninvited, and set about picking through our lives with no remorse.

It’s said that prevention is the golden rule for dealing with the aging process. The more you put into it while you’re young, the less you have to do as you grow older. That’s all well and good if you started using anti-wrinkle cream in your teens- but did you? Almost certainly not. You were too busy wondering why your crush was ignoring you and if you had the right grades for the university course you wanted. Signs of aging weren’t exactly top of the priority list.

So now you’ve got a body you’re struggling to recognize, and you want to do something about it. Prevention isn’t an option; you need action. It’s easy in this circumstance to focus too much on face lines and crow’s feet , but that shouldn’t be the end of the consideration. Here are a few other areas to focus on if you want to press pause on the clock.



Your hands will give away aging faster than your face, believe it or not. Age spots become more prominent, and wrinkles appear just as happily here as they do on their face. Madonna is a famous example of someone who has neglected their hands in favor of focusing on eradicating issues elsewhere. She is mercilessly mocked for it.

Moisturizing helps, especially with special overnight gloves. For age spots, consider techniques like laser treatment, which can contribute to normalizing pigmentation.



Your hair thins as you get older- and that applies to both men and women. Eating a diet rich in protein makes a difference, but nothing is going to stop thinning and bald patches from appearing altogether. You’ll find hair implant procedures are a quick and easy way to restore luster. It’s worth remembering that this doesn’t have to be on your head. Over-plucked eyebrows can be restored, giving you are more youthful appearance.



The caricature of the older person has them stooped over, struggling to walk unaided. This is not something that you have to resign yourself to as an inevitability. Excluding severe injury, it is possible to remain agile into your 80s. When people see you continuing to move smoothly, without hesitation, you appear instantly younger.

Yoga is a fantastic option for keeping supple without over-stressing your body. There’s also a few supplements to try. Gelatin is a fantastic protein that lessens as we age, so give it a boost with bone broth or powder additions to hot drinks. Also, ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin E, which is found in nuts and legumes. Not only does this help with skin elasticity, but also joints and suppleness.

You may not be able to put off aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to the process. By targeting your approach holistically using the methods above, you can set the clock back a little further.


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