Accessories For Active Guys

We all know the benefits of keeping fit and active, and if this is the sort of lifestyle you like to live then you’ve taken a fantastic step towards better health. Looking and feeling great go hand in hand, exercise releases happy chemicals into the body and a fit and toned physique will give you confidence and keep you feeling strong. When you’re working out or are out and about exercising, you want to look good as well as being comfortable- here are a few accessories you could consider that are practical as well as stylish.




A Sports Watch

You can get all kinds of high tech sports watches these days- fitness trackers and smartwatches often have things like heart rate monitors built inside which can help you to track your workouts. If you want to keep it more simple or need something a little more robust, brands like g shock watches can be good as they’re shock resistant, dust and mud proof, splash proof, some are even completely waterproof. If you do things like wolf runs and army style assault courses, hiking and other activities where you’re getting wet and dirty, you have peace of mind that your watch will hold up.


Sports Sunglasses

Not only do sunglasses look cool but they’re highly practical too. They shield your eyes from bright lights and protect them against damage from UV rays. So if you do a lot of outdoor exercise like hiking and biking or sports at the beach these will be ideal. Unlike normal sunglasses these wrap around your head more meaning they fit securely and won’t easily fall off and break as you exercise. If you go for polarised lenses they will reduce glare, they will be useful for when you’re driving too.



Hats and Gloves

If you don’t need fair weather to workout, you need to be prepared when the cold kicks in! A hat and a pair of gloves will keep you protected from wind and snow and allow you to get outside. Particularly useful if you’re doing things like mountain walking or are out exercising early in the morning or late at night when it’s especially cold. Choose insulated gloves with a good grip , a woollen hat will feel soft against the skin while being breathable.



Smartphone Armband

We’re all addicted to our smartphones this day in age, and when it comes to exercise they can really help us keep on top of our goals. Using a smartphone arm band will allow you to track exercise with different apps, plus if you’re running or exercising without proper pockets in your active wear it gives you a safe place to put it too. Most are waterproof so no need to worry about getting soaked by rain or splashed by mud.



Active guys- what are the accessories you can’t live without? Do you currently use any of these, or is there anything that you’d love that you would recommend?

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