5 Cool Outdoor Sports Activities To Take Up In 2017

When you were making your new year’s resolutions in 2016, was one of them to lose some weight? Yes, it’s a simple promise to make to yourself, but sadly many people fail to go on a diet and exercise plan! The thing about losing weight and staying trim is that you don’t need to spend your life in the gym. There’s a whole world out there, and a plethora of fun activities you can participate in to shed the pounds!


It’s no secret that outdoor sports are a brilliant way to achieve that goal. Even a simple task like walking is good for you and helps you to lose weight. But let’s face it; walking isn’t much fun! So, what kinds of things can you do that ARE fun? Let me share with you five cool outdoor sports activities to consider for this year:


  1. Kayaking

With kayaking, you row across a body of water in a kayak or canoe. Kayaking is one of the top outdoor sports to take up this year and is open to people of all ages. Recreational kayaking is a fun and adventurous pastime that you can take up with your family and friends, and it’s fun to do even if it’s raining!


There are a plethora of kayaking and rowing clubs that you can join. Of course, it makes sense to know how to swim before you start kayaking in case anything goes wrong!



  1. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Another fun water-based activity to take up in 2017 is stand-up paddleboarding or SUP for short. As the name might suggest, you take to the water while standing up on a board similar to a surfboard.


As with kayaking, SUP is open to men and women of all ages. Some people even take their pet dogs paddleboarding with them! Take a look at some inflatable stand up paddle board reviews online to find out likely costs and what’s available for you.



  1. Tennis

The thing about tennis is that it’s not so much a sport of endurance. Rather, it’s an outdoor activity that requires a lot of thinking and strategy to master. These days, tennis is a sport enjoyed by millions of us, and it’s one of the world’s easiest ones to learn!


If you’re bored of watching other people play tennis, why not learn how to play it yourself? And even if you’d rather not go to a tennis court just yet, you can learn at home using simulation games.



  1. Mountain Biking


You might think that anyone can easily learn how to ride a bicycle. However, mountain biking is something of an art form! Mountain bikes are bulkier and sturdier than typical bicycles you see on the road.


They are built for strength and agility, with the top models coming complete with disc brake rotors and shock absorbers. In fact, they are similar to motorcycles except they don’t have engines! When you learn mountain biking, you get to find out how to tackle challenging terrain such as steep hills and muddy banks.



  1. Snowboarding


Is the likelihood of it snowing near you about as low as winning the lottery jackpot? That’s no problem if you’re into snowboarding!


That’s because it’s possible to grab your board and head to the nearest indoor ski slope. Did you know there is even one out in the desert (Ski Dubai)? Snowboarding isn’t as hard to learn as it might seem. Give it a go; you might just enjoy it!



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