4 Tips To Make Your HCG Diet A Success


Seeing through the HCG diet plan will require lots of determination, considering the fact that you will mostly be living on just 500 calories a day. And to help you with your weight loss journey, we have come up with four tips you can follow to ensure that your HCG diet program is a complete success.



Clear The Fridge


The first thing to do will be to clear out the fridge. Take a note of all the processed and sugary foods inside the fridge and throw it in the garbage can. By doing so, you remove the temptation to gorge on them every time you open the fridge. Try to remove such foods a week or two before you start the HCG diet, so that by the time it is time to start the program, you will have already given up consuming a good portion of the junk food you are used to.



Diet Research


Make sure that you check the HCG diet protocol thoroughly before you start the program. You can also look into the mistakes other people have made while on the diet plan. This will enable you to avoid repeating them. Plus, you can also check out the various websites dedicated to the HCG plan to know more about the program. For example, HCGdiet.com has an in depth HCG diet plan that you might find out to be immensely useful.



Prepare Meals In Advance


Always plan out your meals well in advance, at least for a week. You can dedicate a couple of hours on any of the weekends to decide which food you will be eating, and at what time for the upcoming week. This is because the HCG diet program is very strict when it comes to what you can and cannot consume. If you try to decide what you need to eat on a daily basis, you will waste a lot of time. Plus, there is also a risk that you may not find the required food item in your home and might casually east something that is strictly prohibited, thereby breaking your disciplined schedule. So, avoid such situations by charting out the meal plan for all days of the coming week, and stocking your food accordingly.



Record Changes


Remember to measure your weight, waist, legs, and arms every single day, and record the readings in a journal. You will then have an easier time tracking the progress you are making. Without this mathematical data, you will only have your eyes to rely on to track the changes. And you might miss seeing the slow changes in your body over a few days, which might make you think that the diet is not working. Plus, recording the measurements also accurately shows you when you have stopped losing weight.


Consider to implement the above when planning and carrying out your HCG diet plan, and you will surely see a huge difference.


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