It’s Time To Claim Back Half The Wardrobe From Your Girlfriend



Do you share a wardrobe with your wife or girlfriend but funnily enough only get a quarter of it? It’s time to take charge of what sharing means and bag a whole new collection of clothes so you can make a claim to half that wardrobe space. That’s the definition of sharing! Let’s take a look at some serious wardrobe staples that you should hang in your closet. Make way woman; your man is coming through and this time, he’s got the new bags of clothes.


Casual Polo Shirt

Think summer in the Hamptons. Think casual cool. Buy a few new polo shirts in classic greys and navy and start building up your wardrobe. Consider cut, colour and proportions when investing in your polo shirt. A slim fit looks classic and stylish. Find cotton polo shirts with a contrasting collar for extra style points. Pair with classic pleated trousers and cool loafers from Tods for an effortlessly cool vibe.



Women always say they can never have enough jeans, well we’re jumping on the bandwagon. With so many styles and fit options out there, of course, we need to stock up. Designer jeans should be one of your wardrobe staples. They can be dressed up or down for both casual smart and easy day wear. Pair them with your new polo shirts or rock the boat and opt for the runway style of a floral shirt if you dare. Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent are jumping all over this trend. Or if you’re not brave enough, keep it simple with v neck t-shirts in white and black and bring out those slim-fitting cashmere jumpers come Fall.


Oxford Shirt

If you’re not up to male model style status yet, invest in a few button down Oxford shirts and you can fake it until you make it. This classic staple should be bought in white and two other colors. Opt for thick cotton and a slim fit. Wear with chinos or jeans for two very different looks. Roll up those sleeves and go for that manly, relaxed ‘I can tackle anything’ look. Your Oxford shirts can be worn under a suit for work and pulled out for casual days with a crew neck t-shirt underneath. In fact, don’t just buy three. Buy five. We have to fill our side of the wardrobe up, right?


A Navy Blazer

What happens when your girlfriend wants to go out for dinner, and you’re rocking jeans and sneakers? If the restaurant doesn’t require a tie or shoes, you can get away with just throwing on an expensive but deconstructed navy blazer. This is an absolute staple for those times when you want to look a bit dressed up but not too ‘try hard’. If you want to gain style points from the girlfriend, add a nifty pocket square.


A Navy Blue Jumper

Are you feeling the navy love yet? This is such a versatile color and will work with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. A navy blue jumper in cashmere is one of those effortless items that can be thrown on in winter and draped over the shoulders in summer. We wouldn’t like to admit we get chilly at night, but you know, it’s great to have a jumper there if we do!