Healthy Work Habits You Can Start Today



For most of us, work takes up the largest part of our day. From dawn till dusk, it is likely that we are doing something work-related. Even if we are only getting ready or on the commute home. For that reason, the way we treat ourselves at work has a profound impact on the way we feel overall. If we are engaged in bad habits and tendencies at work, this usually means they’re operating on a daily basis. It is remarkable how quickly an action becomes habit, whether positive or negative. Likewise, if we are making positive choices about our health and behaviour at work, we are probably practising them for five days a week! With such a wealth of tips and advice available on how to get healthy, it is easy to feel out of your depth. The best advice is usually to start small and simple with things you can sustain. Read on for some healthy habits that you can start right now!


Improve Your Posture

It can be particularly tempting to slouch at work, whether we are sitting or standing. Try to distribute your weight evenly across both feet. Stand up straight and ensure your shoulders are relaxed. Not only will you look more confident and professional, you will also help prevent backache and difficulties down the line. Posture is one of the areas that ages us the fastest. Improve yours today and you’ll notice that you are able to breathe more deeply and effectively too. Good posture looks better but improves oxygen and blood circulation too.


Get Fresh Air

It is not always possible to take long breaks during the working day, so make yours count. If you have the opportunity to get some fresh air, take it. Breathe deeply as you walk and allow it to refresh you. Walking helps keep our joints loose and our head clear. If it is not possible to get out during the day, is it possible to have a fresh air commute? There are sometimes incentives to walk or cycle to work. Investing in a bicycle could be the start of a whole new hobby! With a good lock and some affordable bicycle insurance , your new mode of transport will be safe and waiting for you at the end of the day. Studies show that when we are weary after a long day, some gentle exercise can help us unwind and even sleep better later.


Stay Hydrated

Whatever your line of work, there is no activity that doesn’t benefit from regular hydration. Contrary to popular belief, tea and coffee do not count. They both serve as diuretics, meaning that you are eliminating as much hydration as you take in! Stick to water or sugar free drinks. If your office doesn’t have a water fountain or cooler, why not campaign for one? Productivity and concentration are both shown to benefit from regular hydration. Even if your job is sedentary and more cerebral than active, hydration is just as important. A high proportion of our organs and body is made up of moisture, so it is important to replenish it. Start today!


Essential City Accessories

Essential City Accessories

I regularly travel to London, for work, and I thought I would put together some essential city accessories.

There are two main priorities when you are travelling to/around London, namely, not losing everything en route and making sure your phone/Mac never runs out of juice. To help avoid the former I keep everything together in a briefcase. For the latter you need portable power packs plus chargers and car adapters galore. Sunglasses are a must, of course….

Clockwise from top left: