Drake and Hutch’s Men’s underwear

This is one good pair of underwear. Drake and Hutch’s men’s underwear is by far one of the best I’ve come across in terms of designs & fit. The mission of this company is to provide their consumers with underwear created in the British tailoring style, and they do it right. They are designed for pure comfort and quality.

The Drake and Hutch brand makes it a point to give their underwear a loud voice of sophistication and style. You can read on their site that they put research into every stitch of these boxers, and they aren’t lying.

I’m always reluctant to try new brands, as I consider a ‘good fit’ so important, and there are only a handful of brands that I consider comfy.


Blue Paisley Boxer Brief



I tried this pair out and am converted! They’re made out of cotton elastane jersey to ensure the highest amount of durability, comfort and airflow. You’ll definitely be putting your money into a pair of underwear that’ll last with this product: a double stitched waistband keeps the garment from shrinking or becoming misshapen. The fabric features include a twice-stitched waistband, hidden centre stitches and seams to provide a clean silhouette, a double lined centre pouch for increased comfort and twin needle flat-lock seams to fit the underwear comfortably onto the thigh.

The designs for the Drake and Hutch brand range from simple and minimalist to extravagant and elegant. Try the Blue Paisley Boxer Brief design for an attractive overall wear.


Dada Underwear for Comfort and Conscience

So you may be tired with the same old underwear that just gets thrown together and tossed on shelves for convenience. Let’s face it. Some of it is just poorly made and rather uncomfortable and yet you continue to buy it because you haven’t the faintest idea where else you could go for something more comfortable, without paying through the nose.

Look no further, Dada has everything comfortable you could ever need or want. Dada is committed to producing not only soft and very comfortable underwear for men but also material that is sustainable and will not easily break down.

The underwear is made out of broken down bamboo fibres, which are combined with a mixture of cotton and elastane which makes it incredibly soft and stretchy. The bamboo fibres naturally and instantly absorb all sweat and moisture. It also has anti-bacterial properties, which means that smells don’t stick as much as they do in other fabrics. The underwear is very breathable in hot weather and acts as an insulator against the cold. The results of such a high standard and commitment to quality are underwear that men can feel good and confident wearing wherever they are. We were asked to review a pair of these, and completely vouch for the comfort that this brand boasts!


Dada Trunks (front)

Dada Trunks (front)

Dada Trunks (back)

Dada Trunks (back)

The premium design uses organic cotton and bamboo rayon, which is twice the cost of regular cotton making it quite a bit pricier than most of the regular underwear you grab off the shelf. However, if you’re like me, and your brand loyalties don’t end at boxer shorts and socks, then these are a perfect alternative to your Calvin Kleins.

Although the fact that these are made from Bamboo is a little bit of a novelty, the manufacturing and ethical nature of this brand is a breath of fresh air, in an industry where price seems to dominate so much of the time. You can rest, knowing that the product has been manufactured and produced in an ethical manner and all Sri Lankan workers have been paid a proper living wage. Manufacturers also ensure meals are served to all workers free of charge and transportation is provided to those living in the villages. As the ethical standard is so high, the Dada brand commands a higher price point, but it’s certainly worth it – money well spent!

You can sign up for a subscription or you can have a fresh pair of Dada underwear delivered to you every three months by joining the Quarterly Underwear Club. The underwear comes in all different sizes and colours which are new every season and all of them are exceedingly soft and comfortable.

image1[1] image4

The underwear comes packaged in boxes made from recycled tea paper which is a far cry from the old plastic packaging of your standard high-street underwear purchases. Joining the Quarterly Underwear Club is designed to make underwear shopping less of a chore and more of an incentive. You can also choose from a number of different styles, which is great as everyone has their preferred style…

Dada Underwear Styles

Dada Underwear Styles

So, if you’re like me and like to look for stylish, better quality alternatives to your high-street outlets, then Dada is definitely worth checking out, and the Quarterly Club is perfect to ensure your underwear draw is always topped up. Check them out here www.dadaunderwear.com.