SCI-MX Protein Cookies

If you’re anything like me then snacking is a daily occurrence, either on the go or in the office. Although I have minor blips on my snack choices, I try to maintain healthy options – one of my favorites being boiled eggs, as they’re such a great source of protein! I’m always a little dubious of trying the protein snacks on the market, as they often command a high price point.

Thanks to the guys at SCI-MX I tried some of the PRO 2GO Protein Cookies and these little bad boys have totally changed my mind! A box of 12 of these cookies are just £17.91, working out at £1.49 per cookie! These are baked cookies with 23g protein, natural flavours and low GI carbohydrates, making them a perfect snack for in-between meals, and especially post work-out.


Here’s a nutritional break-down:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.18.38

Protein is a key nutrient – it is essential to our health. Protein makes up every cell in our bodies: our hair, skin, muscle, and connective tissue. Protein is comprised of amino acids – our bodies’ building blocks – and it repairs, maintains, and builds muscle and connective tissue. Besides water, protein is the most abundant organic compound in our bodies.

If you’re anything like me, post-workout can be a challenging time, as you just want to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight. So, I found the best time to eat one was post-workout, to stop my cravings and get a nice protein hit, even more so alongside my post-workout shake.

So how about the taste? I tried the Oatmeal and raisin flavour, and they also offer a double choc-chip and strawberry with white choc-chip – both of which I will definitely be trying out! They taste good, and are really filling, what else could you ask for from a Protein snack?