Our MyProtein Picks for those always on the run

MyProtein have been around for 10 years now, and are well established as one of the top online supplement Brands in the UK. They offer next day delivery, and have more than 350 products, so you can get everything you need with them online. Everyone seems to be increasingly busy, and this can lead you to neglect your diet and training regime. We’ve taken a look at our top 3 picks to help you stay on the straight and narrow, even when on the go.

These Pro Milk 50 RTD ready made protein shakes are perfect for in the mornings. If you’re anything like me then you know the importance of every extra minute in bed, so having these in the fridge is really handy for when you’re running late – every morning in my case. I usually take it post-workout too, which makes it easier for me to drink my protein as I don’t have to struggle with mixing my protein powder with liquid while on the run. It’s delicious, well priced and available in Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla & Banana. Order some here.

shake shake stw
I’m always on the run, so prepping my meals is often a pain. With protein meals though, I can just order the ones I like and I know that they will fit my macros and feed me properly without tons of chemicals or preservatives. I tried the Moroccan Chicken, which was really tasty and easy to prepare, in the microwave. Check these out here.

morocon chicken 2 morocon chicken

MyProtein have definitely pulled it out of the bag with their variety of BCAA flavours, including; Berry blast, Raspberry Lemonade, Orange. I used to have a lot of difficulty in taking my BCAAs, since those I tried always have a sandy taste, but the MyProtein BCAAs mix in the water perfectly and taste excellent! I can already see a big difference in my muscle definition, after using this for the last month. Check out the other flavours here.

Thank you My Protein!