Jacamo Quilted Jacket Review

Fashion literally changes like the seasons. Every season brings in new colours, patterns and fabric. Trends also revolve around the necessities of the season. Winter fashion for men always heavily revolves around jackets and coats. Jacamo’s recent change in market position has seen them look to appeal to all men. We picked one our favourites from their Coats Category – the Jacamo Quilted Jacket. They are trendy and can be worn every day. They keep you warm and make you look great. We’ve been searching for a smart but casual and affordable jacket this season. You will need to know more about these jackets to appreciate their value, especially when they start at just £28.00.

Features of the Jacamo Quilted Jacket

Here are the qualities of these jackets that make them stand out to the various other alternatives in the market….

  • The quilted layer keeps you very warm and ideal to be worn on cold days of winter.
  • The material used is of Polyester and comes with high durability.
  • The colours in which Jacamo Quilted Jackets are available are neutral and match with all other attire colours. Navy blue, khaki and black are the colour variations available.
  • The material sustains hand wash and machine wash which means they’re easy to clean.
  • The design of the jacket is made to suit both formal and casual wear. They look great on jeans. You can also use them to keep you warm while you travel to the office – something we personally have been using this jacket for!



Jacamo Quilted Jacket, Topman Skinny Jeans, Nike Stefan Janoski


Jacamo Quilted Jacket, Topman Skinny Jeans, Nike Stefan Janoski

Most of all, quality of the product speaks the loudest. The buttons, zippers and flap pockets are all nicely made and designed aptly. You can find the jacket in many sizes, ranging from M to 5XL. By making this jacket yours, you can create a style statement that is impressive and classic, at a very good price! We’d definitely recommend you check out the Jacamo coat range here.