The 2015 Gentleman’s Lifestyle Retrospective – Guest post by Ed Phelan



Over the course of this year, I’ve noticed a series of growing trends signalling the increasing popularity of superior mens style and grooming. These marks of the gentleman have been around for many years, but in 2015 we reached a peak in how men perceive and utilize many luxury lifestyle items and pursuits in the modern day, and I for one could not be happier. This suggests 2016 will push these trends even further, so we can enjoy the continued evolution of what it takes to be a modern gentleman.

In 2015, being a gentleman became about more than just wearing better clothes. It’s about also bettering yourself as a person, being fitter and healthier, experiencing new things and pushing ourselves further to achieve more in our careers and personal endeavours. So what is the state of the modern gentleman in 2015?


Increasingly health conscious

Multiple studies have shown young people are increasingly rejecting the temptations of boozing, smoking, and fast food, instead choosing healthier foods and a disciplined approach to fitness. Many men have realized that in order to attain a peak sense of style, getting our fitness in order should be a priority, as well as to ensure a healthy and long life.

This newfound obsession with health can be observed easily across many social media sites which men frequent. Posts which show individual progression are met with encouragement, men are eager to share tips and post motivational content, and groups are growing exponentially. 2015 saw fitness become a truly fashionable pursuit, so hopefully in 2016 many more will choose to get healthy for the right reasons.


The watch resurgence

The increased adoption of smartphones put the watch on the backburner for a short time, but slowly the traditional timepiece has been gaining ground. In 2015, with the mobile fully integrated as part of our daily lives, we’ve seen the watch return as both a practical and fashionable item for the modern gentleman.

The rise of the watch has encouraged many men to start a collection. This in turn has led to a rise the adoption of other watch items, such as watch winders for people who have a large amount of kinetically powered watches.


Keeping it simple

A trend I have observed over 2015 is the way a gentleman puts together a wardrobe. Previously, having a variety of items was seen as the mark of a fashionable person, but more and more I’ve seen a shift and more people heading towards simplicity as the best form of stylistic expression.

As an example, I’ve seen many men utilise blazers to this effect, choosing muted dark colours for the jacket and trousers, and then adding colour and detail to their outfit minimally through undergarments, shirts, t-shirts, and accessories.


Bohemian is back

Bohemian fashion has been making a comeback within the female fashion world over the last few years or so, especially extrapolated by the increasing cultural relevance of music festivals. Bohemian fashion for men creates a slightly different look, and is well suited to the world of gentlemen’s style.



Author: Ed Phelan

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