Apple Watch – 2015 Release

Apple Watch – 2015 Release

The launch of the long awaited Apple watch is nearing closer, as the anticipated launch date of early 2015 approaches.

Apple will be releasing six models. Each has a watch case created from 18-karat gold, protected by sapphire stone. These types of watches are not new, and many brands have already delved into the market, but the majority are bulky and ugly.

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It looks like Apple have taken their time, and for good reason, the sleek and beautiful design is sure to grab the attention of both the fashion & tech industries, with both hands.

However, let’s not forget that this is still essentially a nano iPod with a fashionable strap, and like the iPod Nano these will be outdated with the release of new models. At an estimated price of around £350, this seems like a great product, at a reasonable price point. Although, this isn’t your typical watch, that will last a life-time – like all tech it will need updating every 12-24 months, meaning you won’t just be upgrading your iPhone every 12 months.

But, do we care? Absolutely not!