Vehicles must undergo a smog check in San Jose once every two years. Failing to do so might cause the not renew the registration and thus might cause a problem for the owner of the vehicle. New residents in the vicinity need to go through a smog check at first before shifting even if they have a smog check certificate from their previous place. Smog check could be done in DMV approved locations which is available throughout the country.

The DMV in San Jose needs to be informed whether or not you have a new vehicle while shifting and if you happen to have one you are required to do a smog check in San Josewithin the first 20 days of your shifting.

This is required because you would be asked for your smog check certificate during the registration of your vehicle in the new place.

Current smog check certificates which are out of state would not work.

Once you have completed the first check within the first 20 days of your shifting, you would be registered to do a smog check once every two years.

Requirements for Smog Check and exemptions

When you happen to take your vehicle for smog check in San Jose, you are required to present your Driver’s License, Insurance Proof and Registration of your vehicle with the DMV.

Each and every vehicle in the vicinity of San Jose is required to undergo a smog check once every two years. However, there are some exemptions for certain vehicles. These are as follows:

  • Vehicles which run on gasoline and are produced in the year of 1975 or older.
  • Vehicles which run on diesel which either are produced in the year of 1997 or older or vehicles which have a net weight of 14000 lbs.
  • Electric vehicles need not do smog check
  • Motorcycles are too exempted from this check

Smog Check Abatement Fee

For vehicles which are older than 6 years or more, do not require smog test in San Jose. Instead, the owner of the vehicle has to pay a fee of $20 every year in accordance with the first 6 years of registering their vehicles. After 6 years in San Jose, the owner would be entitled to smog check program as regular as other vehicles.

This smog abatement fee is not applicable to:

  • Non-residential vehicles.
  • Vehicles which happen to run on diesel made in the year of 1998 and also new diesel powered vehicles which happen to weigh under 14000 lbs.
  • Vehicles which has been specially made in the year of 1976 or newer.

Types of smog check stations in San Jose

There are usually three kinds of smog check stations available in the vicinity of San Jose. These are:

  • Test only stations: these stations only checks your vehicles if they happen to have any sort of problem with the vehicles emission. These stations do not make repairs
  • Test and repair stations: these stations check as well as repair your vehicle if any sort of vehicle emission problem is there.
  • Repair only stations: these stations just only repair your vehicle. They do not check your vehicle for any sort of problem.