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If you have interacted at all with marketing specialists or marketing recruiters then most likely you have heard or seen all kinds of acronyms and wondered what they were. Don’t worry, the following is our helpful Digital Marketing Glossary so you can crack the digital marketing code.

CTA – Call To Action

A piece of content or advertising material that is intended to get a listener, reader, or viewer to perform a certain act, which usually takes the form of a directive or instruction (e.g. click here or buy now).

CTR – Click Through Rate

This is the percentage of users who click a specific link to the total number of users who see an advertisement, email, or page. It is used commonly for measuring an online advertising campaign’s success for a specific website in addition to an email campaign’s effectiveness.

GA – Google Analytics

Allows you to be able to measure the ROI advertising in addition to tracking your video, Flash, and social networking applications and sites.

UX – User Experience

What User Experience refers to is an individual’s attitudes and emotions about using a specific service, system, or product. It includes the valuable, meaningful, effective, experiential, and practical aspect of product ownership and human-computer interaction.

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

When it comes to internet marketing, conversion rate optimisation, or conversion optimisation, is a system that increases the percentage of the website visitors that are converted into customers, or in general, that takes a desired action on the webpage.

BR – Bounce Rate

This refers to the percentage of visitors to a specific website that navigates away from the website after viewing just a single page.

ROI – Return On Investment

This is a ratio between your net profit and the cost of your investment that results from an investment in certain resources. When you have a high ROI that means that the investment has gained favourably to the cost.

NPS – Net Promoter Score

This management tool that may be used for gauging the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships. It works as an alternative to more traditional forms of customer satisfaction research and it is claimed that there is a correlation with revenue growth as well.

YOY – Year-On-Year

This is a comparison of prices, figures, etc. with corresponding ones from the previous year.

SQL – Sales Qualified Lead

This type of lead is a prospective customer who has been vetted and researched – by the marketing department first and then by the sales team – and is considered to be ready to go into the next phase of the sales process.

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead

This is a lead that has shown an interest in something that a brand is offering based on marketing efforts or is more likely to become a customer compared to other types of leads.

PPC – Pay-Per-Click

Also called cost per click, this is a form of internet advertising that is used for directing traffic to a website, …

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Not so long ago, videos were a marketing tool reserved for big business and corporations. However, with the rapid expansion of the internet, videos have become accessible to small and medium business enterprises that wish to effectively reach out to their target audiences. For new businesses and startups that are looking to make a name for themselves, branded video content has become the go-to marketing tool that they can use to capture the attention of their target audiences and grow their businesses. Here are some of the most remarkable ways numerous stakeholders in the industry are using video to scale their business operations.

1. Reaching More Mobile Consumers

The mobile user market has been getting a lot of attention from marketers in recent years. With the type of widespread popularity video has also been getting, mobile users have never been a more valuable target audience. To shed more light on this, a study done by Cisco recently revealed that more than 60% of mobile users consume video content alone. This is huge!

These new findings can be explained by an old quote that says: if an image is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least ten thousand. Video is the best means of packing a lot of useful information in a small and short piece of content.

2. Demonstrate The Benefits of A Product

Think about how you would explain how a consumer can effectively use a certain product (a complex or even simple product mind you) using a couple of pictures or screenshots. It going to be difficult, right?

Now, think about how easier the same process would be if you used a 30-sec video instead (or even longer if you have complex product).

When using the latter, you’ll be able to properly explain features that are a bit harder to understand. Consumers need to really understand what your product has to offer so that they do not make wrong conclusions or rely on past experience or hear-say to make their purchase decisions. Videos can easily clear up any misconceptions consumers may have regarding your product.

Product demos can be really helpful when you need to explain how your product is different from your competitor’s product. You can alternatively choose to use an instructional video that dives into the complex aspects of your product and how it can be properly used. The number of questions you get from customers can drastically reduce with the help of video.

3. Share Proof From Third-Parties

Marketers often fall into the trap of forgetting that old is gold and nothing beats the traditional brick and mortar marketing techniques. One timeless technique is use of recommendations to get more people to buy your product.

80% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after getting a recommendation from persons they trust.

Attempting to gain a person’s trust and convincing them to recommend a product to someone in their inner circle sounds like a lot of hard work. However, a …

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Social media is popular in most regions around the world, especially in the UK where 52.2 million adults use these interactive platforms. However, there are a few puzzles about this platform that most people do not understand, and there are those who have tried to unfold the mystery behind it, such as Maria McGowan. Being a sociable and confident person, Maria McGowan discussed this niche in an article that she wrote.

In her article, she highlights that these interactive platforms can be of great use to both large and small business corporations. That is because of the proactive social media streams that never seem to seize up but develop and change with time. Even though there are a few challenges that most companies face when marketing on social media, the returns on investment are great. That is why almost 80% of online business has developed a social media marketing team.

What Is a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

In simple terms, a social media marketing campaign is a marketing strategy that is used to promote your business on social media networks in order to achieve business goals. Another factor you need to acknowledge is that your marketing campaign for social media can be simple or complicated, and it all depends on how you design it to be.

Another important thing you need to understand is that marketing campaigns are not the same. As marketers try to keep up with the latest marketing trends, keep track of their success and reach out to the right target market. That is why it is important to have a campaign that focuses on only one goal at a time.

However, the overall goal for each campaign is to get a response from clients, generate more traffic for your domain and promote your company’s image. Besides being focused on various ways of increasing revenue for your business, you can also use these marketing campaigns to introduce new services and products in the social media sector.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

As mentioned earlier, marketing campaigns for social media can be used to promote your brand awareness. Besides advertising your business, these campaigns have proved to be the most convenient way of reaching out to clients and customers. Moreover, these set of skills can also help you become better at search engine optimisation and as a result, improve your rating on search engines.

Another great benefit of using a social media marketing campaign is that it is affordable and easy to start, since you do not need any form of capital to start. All you have to do is take advantage of these social networks and sign up for free. After that, you can create a page for your business, such as a page for 3D animations services, and publish quality content related to your business as a way of advertising your brand.

How to Plan for a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

1. Set Realistic Campaign Goals

The first thing that you need to do …

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wigs online have become more popular and known about in today’s modern world. Celebrities are wearing them to make sure they look pristine. Ordinary people wear them through personal choice and fashionable reasons are also very common. Nonetheless you must not forget about your natural hair underneath.

Hasil gambar untuk women hair style

In the past wigs were seen as an oddity and people questioned that other than being worn for health reasons, why would you wear one? However in more modern times they are becoming increasingly popular and they do have many benefits. After viewing these you can see why they are on the rise. With the locks you are born with on top of your head, you only get one chance to look after them. If you wear a piece however you can try out crazy styles. These could be something that you would not have dared to carry out on your own hair piece Singapore, just in case it turned out a bit too outrageous.

Many celebrities today wear them to red carpet events and during music videos and you cannot tell the difference. With the recent demand in these pieces you can tell that the quality has improved. When pop stars from years ago used to wear fake dos it would be quite funny. You could blatantly tell that they were not real, and they did not look good because of this. However today quality has soared and you can sometimes no longer tell who is wearing accessories or who has their natural locks on display.

If you want to purchase a wig or already own one, you must spare a thought for your natural tresses underneath. Keeping your own cared for and tidy underneath is essential. Even though wearing a piece can be seen as a cover up, it does not mean you can forget what is underneath. You must still regularly wash your own hair as well as your hair-piece. You must also take care when drying it as you cannot just leave it to dry naturally when you want to put it on straight away. Blow drying it so it is completely free from moisture is necessary to keep both hair and wig clean.

Once your hair is dry people can get a bit confused as to where you go from here. The next step is how to keep your own tresses neat. It can be quite tricky at first; trying to make sure it is not bumping up on the top of your head or that loose strands are left sticking out giving away your accessory. One of the best solutions is to braid it so it can be kept tight and as flat as possible. You must make sure not to just bunch it underneath as it could cause your natural strands to break and also your wig may fall off this way.

Following simple steps at first will mean that wearing a wigs Singapore regularly will become easy. You can purchase a number of already …

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Les plans de maison personnalisés sont ceux qui incluent tous les aspects nécessaires à la maison. On prend en considération les caractéristiques, le style, le décor, le matériel et les systèmes qui sont destinés à être utilisés dans une maison personnalisée. Un architecte aurait des idées sur la façon de concevoir la maison parce que c’est basé sur la conception que la construction de la maison a lieu.

Pour combiner tous ces aspects, les compétences et les services d’un architecte résidentiel sont nécessaires. Tout d’abord, un architecte doit comprendre l’ensemble du projet. Un profane dans ce domaine peut ne pas connaître de nombreuses caractéristiques du projet, ce qui pourrait entraîner une conception erronée. Concevoir et construire des maisons en utilisant des plans de maison personnalisés nécessite beaucoup de connaissances et de compétences sur un projet donné, quel que soit le projet, qu’il s’agisse d’une maison individuelle, de la rénovation d’une maison existante ou d’un grand complexe d’appartements.

Il est essentiel de concevoir des bâtiments basés sur les codes locaux et régionaux attribués à une zone donnée. Les architectes qualifiés connaissent ces codes et par conséquent, leur conception serait basée sur ces exigences. Ils aident même à obtenir facilement les approbations de construction sans avoir à dépenser beaucoup d’argent et de temps.

Les architectes résidentiels qui acceptent des projets sont à la tête de l’équipe et sont responsables de la gestion des entrepreneurs, des sous-traitants et des constructeurs. Ils répondent à de nombreuses questions et préservent l’intégrité architecturale de la conception de la maison. Ils connaissent très bien leur travail.

Les architectes agréés utilisés dans les plans de maison personnalisés défendent leurs clients et supervisent l’ensemble du projet en organisant des réunions avec les constructeurs et les entrepreneurs et en développant le bâtiment exactement comme le plan de conception, tout en maintenant le même budget. architecte lyon this might be your consideration.

Le style et le type de la maison est la seule préoccupation de l’architecte qualifié. Par exemple, les maisons d’aujourd’hui sont axées sur le respect de l’environnement. Des architectes expérimentés relèvent le défi du projet de maison écologique en proposant diverses options permettant d’économiser de l’argent, tout en maintenant un bon design avec le matériau approprié disponible pour une bonne maison. Dans l’ensemble, il est préférable de faire appel à un architecte résidentiel pour les plans de maison personnalisés.…

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Je suis déjà allé quelque part et j’ai vu quelqu’un qui portait une chaussure en cuir très unique et attrayante à qui il suffisait de demander, quel genre de chaussure hopital home est-ce et ils vous ont dit que c’était une Dansko. C’est ce qui m’est arrivé.

En fait, c’est une collègue qui les portait et je devais lui demander de l’épeler, parce que je me rendais directement sur Internet pour découvrir cette chaussure. Pourquoi? Non seulement elle m’a dit le nom de la chaussure, mais elle a poursuivi pendant plusieurs minutes en me disant à quel point elle les aimait, c’étaient les meilleures chaussures qu’elle ait jamais portées, où elle l’avait achetée, combien ça coûtait, comment beaucoup plus confortable pour elle de marcher dedans que n’importe quelle autre chaussure qu’elle avait essayée, ce que j’ai trouvé très intéressant et que je lui ai posé de plus en plus de questions quand elle m’a dit que ses chaussures étaient faites d’une tige en acier. Elle m’a expliqué que la tige en acier était ce qui donnait à la chaussure un soutien supplémentaire et que le bas de caisse à bascule anti-fatigue expliquait en partie pourquoi elle sentait que les chaussures la laissaient sous tension après une journée bien debout, comme aucune autre chaussure qu’elle n’avait portée. Elle était une convertie de Dansko.

Eh bien, je devais regarder dans ces chaussures. Tout ce que j’ai découvert confirme ce que ma collègue m’a dit et non, elle n’était pas vendeuse de chaussures. Leurs chaussures sont conçues pour offrir un soutien maximal, ce qui facilite les longues heures debout et la marche sur les jambes et le dos. J’ai également constaté que la société se trouve aux États-Unis, en Pennsylvanie, mais ils travaillent avec des fabricants du monde entier pour s’assurer qu’ils achètent et fournissent la meilleure qualité de chaussures possible.

Et à partir de cette année, ils ont lancé une ligne de chaussures avec ceux qui aiment le look d’une chaussure en cuir de bonne qualité qui durera très longtemps, mais n’aiment pas l’idée du cuir, ils ont présenté leur ligne Vegan Pro, ils sont à 100% chaussures sans animaux toutes matières synthétiques mais fabriquées de la même manière que leur sabot original agrafé.
Ils ont un tableau de conversion facile car les tailles de chaussures sont basées sur les normes européennes de taille totale. Facile à lire et à comprendre, par exemple, la taille des sandales pour femmes US pour femme pour les femmes allant du 7.5 au 8, la taille EU pour les femmes est un 38. Elles ont aussi des chaussures plus larges et plus larges, mais elles sont standard largeur. Lorsque vous recherchez votre taille, que ce soit une sandale ou un sabot pour femme, tenez compte du design de la chaussure ou de la sandale.

Les chaussures et les sabots sont conçus pour offrir confort et soutien. La semelle intermédiaire profilée est conçue pour empêcher votre pied de glisser. Ainsi, que ce soit une sandale, un sabot …

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Every vehicle requires maintenance on a regular basis, but when it comes to luxury cars like a Jaguar, a regular upkeeping is a must. It will prevent your car from damages and improve the life of your vehicle at the same time.

During the recent few months, the warranty coverage of Jaguar was increased up to five year or sixty thousand miles. However, unfortunately when that time period expires, you will have to spend hefty amount of money or insurance coverage for the repair costs. Although, at you can make the most of it, even after your scheduled maintenance comes to an end. Moreover, the following steps will help you maintain your Jaguar and keep it close to mint condition.

Keep a check on the scheduled services

When you own a car, it is necessary to keep an eye on the regular service schedules. Although the schedules vary considering a Jaguar because it comes under the category of unique cars that require maintenance on the basis of their age and basic markers that need to be looked out for.

5000 miles

usually car owners are aware of the fact that they need to get their oil changed every five thousand miles along with a lot of other things such as the oil filter, the fluids, the headlights and a lot more. Most of these parts are used to run the car effectively and efficiently.

15,000 miles

Jaguar requires a thorough investigation every 15000 miles or per year. However, to get the best results, do not exceed more than a year between the service appointments. The following items need to be checked during these intervals.

  1. Air Filter
  2. Licks, hinges and fittings
  3. Wheel bearings and breaks
  4. Engine mounts
  5. Alignment
  6. AC and heating

Interior of the Car

The interior of a car is just as important as the drive and what it looks like from the outside. The interior of Jaguars takes it to another level. The fine leather seats and contemporary design is what makes the car worth the hype.

In order to protect your car’s interior, there are a certain maintenance tips that are recommended, to make it last longer.

  1. The dust of the car should be cleaned using a damp cloth which should not be too wet and changed regularly.
  2. If you require cleaning your car more thoroughly, use a mild detergent diluted into water. However, make sure the cloth is damp, so you can ring it out after dipping.
  3. Moreover, the heavy stains and tough debris can be cleaned using a Jaguar approved leather cleaner.

Hence, cleaning the interior leather surfaces is a must, to make them last longer. To keep your car spotless, make sure you clean the stains immediately. This goes out for all those who eat and drink in their cars or have messy kids who might dirty it. Other than that, there are several other surface cleaners which have specifically been formulated to clean the inside of the car, such as the carpets, veneers …

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People talk about the General Data Protection Act (GDPA), which came into effect in May 2018 in the UK, as something new.  However, in many ways it is an update of the pre-existing 1996 Data Protection Act which was thought to need revision because of the rapidly-changing technology since the 1990s.  The new guidelines run to 99 articles which fill 88 pages and mean that Europe boasts the strongest data protection laws in the world.

There are two main aspects to the GDPA.  The first part of the legislation details the obligations of businesses which regularly have to process data – whether they are in the private or public sector.  The GDPA has been encapsulated in 8 principles of conduct that all organisations should abide by. These rules emphasise that people’s data should be used fairly and transparently, and all efforts should be made to ensure it is both accurate and up-to-date.  Personal data should be used for the explicit purpose for which its collection was intended and be erased when it is no longer needed. There is also stronger protection for what is considered ‘sensitive’ information. This includes details about someone’s political affiliation, religion, state of health, etc.  

In light of recent data breaches which have affected many different businesses from airlines to social media, the GDPA states that people’s data should be securely protected from any unlawful access, loss, damage, etc.  If security is compromised, the firm has 72 hours to inform the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office). This is the regulator which is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the legislation and if necessary, carrying out criminal investigations.  Firms which employ more than 250 employees must hire a DPO (Data Protection Officer) so that firms can ensure their compliance.

As part of their regulatory role, the ICO has greater powers to punish offenders.  Under the previous Data Protection Act, they could only impose fines of up to £500,000.  However, now they are entitled to fine businesses 2% or 4% of a company’s global turnover or 10/20 million euros (whichever is the greater).  

The revised GDPA has a second aspect which directly affects customers and/or consumers.  They now have the right to find out what data has been stored about them by submitting a Subject Access Request completely free of charge.  As a result of this access, they can ask for data to be updated, demand that processing is restricted or stopped, or have data erased. The Act also allows for greater portability of personal details so consumers can give permission for their data to be sent to another company and be reused.  In certain circumstances, they can opt out of their data being used for automated decision-making processes or for consumer profiling.

In a world where so much is stored on computer, revising the original Data Protection Act was long overdue.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the internet is solely negative, especially as you can access online payday loans.  Apply online here for a streamlined application …

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Imagine waking up early to shovel snow off your driveway, only to find out that your car won’t even start. With or without a garage, you could face annoying issues such as broken wipers and deflated tires. It’s important to take extra steps to prevent these problems from happening. You don’t want to end up stuck in your driveway, or worse, in the middle of a Utah intersection.

Misfiring Spark Plugs

The cold can cause your spark plugs to malfunction and your engine to run poorly. Prolonged use of a vehicle with a broken spark plug can cause serious damage to the engine. In some cases, your car won’t even start if you have multiple broken spark plugs. It’s best to get your spark plugs replaced by auto mechanics before winter starts in Midvale. This way, you can improve your engine’s start time and avoid further problems with your automobile.

Failing Battery

Aside from powering the electronics in your car, your battery provides energy that wakes up the engine once you turn the key. Car batteries are 35% weaker in freezing weather, no matter how new your battery is. If you have a battery that’s around 3-5 years old, it’ll have a difficult time starting in the cold.  The reason for this is freezing weather slows down the chemical reaction in your battery. This reaction creates a current to power your vehicle. Your engine also requires more power to start in cold temperatures, further decreasing the chances of your car leaving the driveway.

Having your car in the garage can protect your battery from failing. If your garage doesn’t provide enough insulation, get a battery warmer. Just wrap the blanket around your battery and plug the warmer into the nearest outlet. It will keep the battery well outside of freezing temperature and prevent permanent damage.

Faulty Fuel Line

If your car still doesn’t start despite having a stable battery, it’s possible that a frozen fuel line is blocking gasoline. Contrary to popular belief, a frozen fuel line isn’t caused by solidified fuel. It’s caused by frozen water vapor inside the tube.

You can prevent a frozen fuel line by keeping your tank as full as possible. It prevents any water vapor from forming in your car’s tubes. Using antifreeze also helps prevent moisture from forming in your fuel lines. This means there won’t be any water vapor to freeze and gasoline will be able to flow without interruption.

Worsening Tire Pressure

If you see the tire pressure light blinking as soon as you start your car, don’t fret. It’s likely caused by the cold weather lowering the air pressure in your tires than a puncture.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to prepare for low tire pressure in advance, except for checking it regularly. Top it off with air if you think the pressure is too low to withstand the cold. You don’t want to end up driving with deflated tires on an icy road.

In many ways, a …

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Ford India recently launched a facelifted version of the Aspire, which was the first upgrade for the sedan, received after 3 years of its launch. Ford Aspire is one of the best Ford cars in India in terms of sales as well as performance. The Ford Aspire price starts from around Rs. 5.5 lakh and goes up to Rs. 8.5 lakh.

The new Ford Aspire 2018 comes with some cosmetic updates and two petrol engine options.  Here in the following, some of the key features of the subcompact sedan are listed, that will give you a better idea about the facelifted model.


The new Ford Aspire gets a lot of modifications done in the exterior. The grille is new and it features an optional silver paint with chrome surroundings. The headlamps come with a new design along with a new cluster. The round shaped fog lamps, C-shaped chrome inserts and new wider air-drums are placed on the new bumper.

The ORVMs also get a brand new feature and it rides on the multi-spoke alloy wheels of 15-inch. The taillights also feature a new design.


The 2018 Ford Aspire facelift features the same black coloured interior. The dashboard features a new design and also has a touchscreen infotainment display of 6.5-inch. The centre aircon buttons gets a new position. The other parts of the interior feature a similar treatment as the pre-facelift model.


Speaking of the safety features, the vehicle comes with ABD with EBD. It also features dual airbags for the driver and the front passenger. The seatbelt reminder and rear parking sensors are standard across all the variants.

However, the top-spec models come with six airbags. rear parking camera and perimeter alarm, traction control system and electronic stability programme.

The power plant

The Ford Aspire facelift comes with two petrol along with a diesel engine. The vehicle has a 1.2-litre unit along with a 1.5-litre engine. The first one is capable of churning out a maximum of 95 bhp power and 120 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. The bigger one pushes out 123 bhp of maximum power and a peak torque of 150 Nm. It is pared to a 6-speed gearbox.

The diesel variant derives the power from a 1.5-litre TDCI engine, which can make up to 99 hp of power and a 215 Nm of peak torque. Both the maximum power comes at a rev range between 3750 rpm, while the peak torque will be available at a rev range between 1750 to 3000 rpm. The drive is sent to the wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox.


With the new engines, aggressive pricing and modified equipment, its look like the new Ford Aspire is back in the game. It has a huge prospect to change the automaker’s drowning situation in the Indian market. It is now giving a tough competition to the other players of the segment, including Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki Dzire.

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