Why It Is Important To Keep Up Your Maintenance on Your Jaguar

Modern Jaguars can go tens of thousands of miles without the need for a tuneup or major service. However, this does not mean that these cars can be started and driven indefinitely without even a peek under the hood. If your Jaguar is under warranty, then you will have some peace of mind that a major issue with your car can be dealt with at the dealer. But lots of Jaguar car owners purchased their pride and joy used. Depending on their diligence with the purchase in terms of checking records and conducting inspections, they should have been able to tell if proper Jaguar car maintenance was performed.Image result for Maintenance on Your Jaguar

With your particular Jaguar model, it is vitally important to know about technical service bulletins and recalls. A specialist service shop or dealer should be able to tell you this, or you can opt to become a member of a Jaguar forum, which would have healthy discussions on issues about your particular model and Jaguars in general. Recent Jaguars already have informative and warning message screens on the dash which inform the owner when their Jaguar car maintenance is due. But, you will have to have knowledge of what particular service needs to be done depending on your car’s current mileage. If you don’t have access to a specialist, this is where the online forum comes in.

A Jaguar that has been on the road for a few years will have little issues that will need to be addressed so that they don’t turn into major repair bills and you end up ride sharing. For example, hoses harden and become brittle with age and if you don’t inspect these with some form of regularity, a hose may split while you’re travelling and you may not notice the trouble until your engine has overheated and you’ve got a warped cylinder head. Other small items that can cause disasters are failed drive belts and leaking fuel injection hoses that can cause an underhood fire. All these little things can be nipped in the bud by looking under your hood at least once a month. Don’t do a cursory inspection but instead shine a bright light on those hoses and belts to check for cracks that signal that they are aged and worn.Image result for Maintenance on Your Jaguar

If you are of a mind to do some maintenance checks on your own, the supplies you will need include brake fluid, motor oil, coolant & purified water, automatic transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, a selection of fuses, bulbs, spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, vacuum hoses, lubricants, coolant hoses, belts and a tire gauge. The tools you will need to replace these items are very basic. By doing the Jaguar car maintenance related to these items, you will be on top of your car’s maintenance, save on labor bills and catch a lot of potential issues that may crop up when you’re on the road.

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